Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is now available on PlayStation 4, and brings with it plenty of new challenges for Uncharted enthusiasts to overcome. Besides the usual batch of treasures to collect, players are also tasked with finding 28 different photo opportunities that are hidden throughout the game’s chapters.

Finding all of the photo opportunities in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is a matter of knowing where to look. We’ve listed all the photo opportunity locations in the game below, but for those that prefer a video walkthrough, we recommend this guide by PS4Trophies:


The very first photo opportunity in the game is unmissable, as it is part of the tutorial in the prologue. Chloe will be tasked with snapping a photo of a truck and the little girl Meenu, who ends up stealing her Ganesh Figurine.

Chapter 2

There are no photo opportunities in the first chapter of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, but the second chapter has one right at the start. Stand close to the neon hotel sign for the photo prompt, and Chloe will take a picture of Asav and some of his men.

Chapter 3

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - Where to Find All Treasures - Chloe and Nadine cliff

Like chapter 2, the first photo opportunity in chapter 3 is located right at the start of the level. Once in control of Chloe again, players will be asked to find the jeep. Ignore that objective for now and move to the edge of the cliff on the right, where a dragonfly is fluttering around. Approach the dragonfly and it will fly away, but stand in the general area it was flying to take a picture of the vast, rather beautiful landscape that is stretched out in front of Chloe.

The next photo opportunity comes a bit later in the level. Chloe and Nadine will reach a pool of flamingos, but it’s important that they don’t scare the pink birds off before taking a photo. There’s some rocks in front of the pool that Chloe can stand on for a prime photo opportunity of the birds as they go about their business.

The third and final photo opportunity in chapter 3 comes in shallow, greenish water in front of some dilapidated ruins and a very small waterfall. To find the photo opportunity prompt, simply stand in the center of the water.

Chapter 4


Uncharted: The Lost Legacy has one of the largest maps in series history, and this huge map can be found in chapter 4. Chapter 4 had the most treasures to collect, and so it’s fitting that it also has the most photo opportunities to hunt down as well, with players having to take a total of nine pictures before they can move on from this chapter. Four of these photo opportunities will be on the northern side of the map, and five of them will be on the southern side.

The first photo is located at the southernmost point on the map, at the very start of the chapter. Instead of driving down to the valley in the jeep, hop out and take a left, approaching the ledge facing the waterfalls. Once again, there will be a couple of dragonflies flying over the photo opportunity spot, which should make it easier to find.

For the second photo in chapter 4, and the seventh photo in total, go northeast from the start point, toward the bridge that leads to the center landmass. Before going across the bridge, explore this area to find a lockbox, as well as some ruins blocked by some bricks. Blow up these bricks with a grenade and then climb inside the ruins to find a Hoysala Token, as well as a path to a statue holding a trident. Go on the far side of this statue for the next photo opportunity.


From here, go east to reach a muddy area with some cliffs, waterfalls, and a ton of purple trees. Stand in the middle of the muddy area for the best view of the trees and the next photo opportunity. For the next photo, we’re going to go north to the white monkey temple, which is only accessible to those that manage to collect all 11 Hoysala Tokens. The photo opportunity is right through the entrance, where players can see all the monkeys lounging around across the gap. Upon making it across the gap, Chloe will have another photo opportunity, this time of Nadine playing with the monkeys.

Now just to the west of the white monkey temple entrance, there will be a large tree surrounded by red flowers. Run around the tree to the side closest to the nearby waterfall to find the next photo opportunity. This one is a bit trickier to spot because of the foliage, but just keep an eye out for the fireflies.

Next players will want to advance the story a bit by starting the puzzle inside of the Shiva temple. There will be an exit in the temple that players can reach after completing its first puzzle, so step outside for a rather spectacular view of the whole map, and then stand close to the side of the cliff to snap the photo.

For the next photo, go southwest of the center tower, to the side of it with the water falling down. There’s a raised ledge directly across from the tower’s waterfall, so climb up there to take the photo.

After that, open the map and take note of a small patch of water southwest from here that is lighter blue than the rest of the water on the map. This denotes an area of water that is shallower than the rest. Head there next to find an elephant statue as well as the last photo opportunity of chapter 4.

Chapter 5

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With chapter 4 complete, the rest of the photo opportunities are pretty easy to find, though chapter 7 may prove somewhat challenging. At any rate, the first photo opportunity of chapter 5 is located near the beginning, after swinging with the grappling hook for the first time in the level. There will be some red flowers growing down here, so step in them for the photo opportunity prompt. Then keep playing until reaching the point where Chloe and Nadine are standing on the statue’s axe, and a short scene will play where they admire the view. Instead of progressing like normal by using the next grapple point to swing across the gap, move back to the center of the axe and take the photo.

The third photo can be found in the cavern with the statues. After landing on the stone platform with the red flowers, jump down to the lower platform for the next photo opportunity.

For the fourth and final photo opportunity of chapter 5, play through the stage until reaching the end, where Chloe and Frazer end up back where they started the level. Instead of moving through the gate and continuing the story, however, go back down the path you traveled before, and stand on the edge of the cliff to take a photo of the dam.

Chapter 6

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - Where to Find All Treasures - Chloe and Nadine waterfall

The first photo opportunity in chapter 6 is pretty obvious, as it’s in the room with all the elephants. What’s unique about this photo opportunity, though, is that when Chloe goes to take the photo, Nadine steps forward and ends up snapping the picture for her. The second photo opportunity in chapter 6 is also hard to miss, as players have to go right by it in order to progress the story. Basically, after leaving the elephant room, climb up the stone pillars and the second one Chloe jumps to, with the little shrine, has the photo opportunity on its edge.

Chapter 7

The last couple of chapters gave us a break, but chapter 7 has a total of seven photos to take, making it the second-most difficult chapter in the game when it comes to finding all the photo opportunities. The chapter’s first photo opportunity comes right at the start, and players are practically pushed right into it. Just walk to the side of the cliff overlooking the ruins and waterfalls to get the picture.

The next photo comes after swimming through the tunnel and reaching some statues called “The Queen and Her Handmaidens.” Stand at the foot of the steps near these statues to take the photo. For those keeping score at home, that should be 22 photos Chloe and Nadine have taken at this point, with seven left to go.


The 23rd photo is easy enough to find, as it is in the chamber where Chloe and Nadine remark on all the magnificent things hidden away from the outside world, and ponder how to get across the room. Players have to move by this photo opportunity to progress, so it’s basically unmissable, unless they decide to ignore the photo opportunity prompt. The next photo can be taken after getting through the long cavern and climbing to the top. Before progressing the game, turn around and admire the way you came from to get the photo opportunity.

The 24th photo is found in the pillar room with the shallow water and the Shiva statues at the end of it. Stand at the far end of this room, directly across from the statues, to find the photo opportunity prompt. Speaking of Shiva statues, the 25th photo is in the chamber with the massive statue. Stand at the statue’s base, just far enough from it to get the whole thing in the frame of Chloe’s camera.

For the next photo opportunity, players need to be careful, as there have been reports that it glitches for some. In any case, this photo opportunity comes about after handing Nadine the mirror and she begins reflecting light to help solve the puzzle. Walk around to Nadine’s side for the photo opportunity, the last of chapter 7.

Chapter 8

uncharted lost legacy end franchise

There is only one photo opportunity in chapter 8 of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, and it’s a hard one to miss. After engaging in a shootout with the help of Nadine and Sam Drake, Chloe will reach a ledge that provides a clear view of the train in the distance. As one might imagine, this train serves as the subject of the 28th and final photo opportunity in the game.

uncharted the lost legacy trailer expanding franchise

With all 28 photo opportunities found, players will have completed a major step in achieving 100% completion in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. For their efforts, they will also earn two trophies, the bronze tier trophy #nofilter and the silver trophy Pics or It Didn’t Happen.

Of course, finding all the photo opportunities is just scratching the surface of everything players need to do to complete Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. There are many treasures, lockboxes, and optional conversations to find as well, not to mention the challenge of Crushing difficulty to overcome. While it may be shorter than its predecessors, it’s clear that Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will still give fans of the franchise a run for their money.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is available now, exclusively for PlayStation 4.