Uncharted: Lost Legacy Easter Egg Revealed

It's now been two years since Uncharted: The Lost Legacy shipped for PlayStation 4, and many of the developers behind the standalone expansion took to Twitter to celebrate the occasion. One of these developers was Jonathan Cooper, who worked as an animator for both Uncharted 4 and its expansion. His post went beyond typing out a few celebratory characters, though: the animator actually revealed an animation-based easter egg that he and another animator had put into the game a few hours before the game went gold.

As it turns out, Jonathan Cooper and a man named James Cooper both made yoga animations that the character Chloe Frazer would perform when players reach the top of a temple and idle at that specific location. The expansion's in-game camera would then pan to reveal a breathtaking view as Frazer went through a variety of yoga moves. The last minute addition required even more work from another developer named Anthony Vaccaro, who added some bushes and hid weapons during the sequence as the game's cultural adviser felt that that it was insensitive to have Chloe performing yoga while armed.

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The conversation prompted James Cooper to reveal that he has also placed a similar easter egg in Uncharted 4 that, to his knowledge, nobody had found as of yet. With the internet being what it is, the Uncharted 4 easter egg was posted in full a mere seven hours after James had made his comment. While many claimed they had triggered a similar in-game idle camera, this marked the first time the developer had seen his easter egg actually posted online.

While some videogame easter eggs take years before they're discovered, it looks like both Uncharted 4 and The Lost Legacy don't have any more secrets left to hide from fans. Naughty Dog has revealed no immediate plans to return to the franchise, with Nathan Drake voice actor Nolan North recently stating that the ship has 'kinda sailed' when it comes to Uncharted 5. Still, that isn't to say that the intellectual property doesn't have anything currently in the works: an Uncharted movie is slated for 2020, though the film recently lost director Dan Trachtenberg.

Whatever happens to the Uncharted franchise in the future, it's nice to get a bit of background information on how a neat easter egg from The Lost Legacy came to be, and how much work actually goes into adding a few seconds of unexpected content.

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Source: Jonathan Cooper (Via Twitter)

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