Uncharted: 10 Funniest Nathan Drake Quotes

Unlike film or TV show protagonists, video game main characters tend to be forgotten as the series moves forward since the player characters are usually replaced. However, Uncharteds Nathan Drake will forever be remembered in the hearts of gamers.

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He didn’t need a mean streak or a violent disposition to be one of the “cool” heroes and instead was a thoroughly likable character because of his everyman persona. Never one to shy away from showing some sass, Nate has a hilarious quip for every situation. In order to honor this great character, here are Nathan’s 10 funniest lines in the Uncharted series.

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10 "Ah! I Did Not See That!"

Making Nathan a hit with the ladies is his adorkability factor, where he comes across both adorable and as a dork. The guy can climb anything in the world, but he’s still a klutz when he’s not paying attention.

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In this scene, Nate was heading into a secret chamber all by himself while leaving Elena behind so she would be safe; when Elena told him to be careful, Nate laughed it off by saying he always is, right before the adventurer promptly smacks his head on the wall. In his annoyance, Nate couldn’t even come up with an excuse.

9 "Cause It's A Well?"

Nathan and Sully are like two peas in a pod as their thinking styles are wildly similar. They’re the kind of guys who can finish each other’s sentences because they know what the other has in mind. 

Case in point was in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, where Sully made a lame joke by uttering “well, well, well,” which got a chuckle out of Nathan. When Elena asked what was so funny, Nate simply pointed out to her that it was a pun since they were actually looking into a well.

8 "Yeah, good luck pal, that's almost impossible to - oh, you did it."

Even though he always gets the job done, Nathan has an affinity for going off on rants while on his adventures, and this involves talking smack to his companions as well. During Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Nate was skeptical of Tenzin aiming to hook a rope on ice to swing across.

While Nate was balking at Tenzin’s plan, the latter easily accomplished his task and went on swinging ahead. Nate was left behind eating his own words, having been proven wrong mid-sentence.

7 "Oh no, it's Not That Bad. Look, I Have My Own Bucket!"

It’s a wonder how Nate spent 3 months in prison without losing his mind, especially all the snark that comes with it. After he was double-crossed by Flynn, Nate was visited by Chloe to get back in the game.

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Understandably enraged since he was stuck there because of her, a sarcastic Nathan offered to show Chloe the bright side of being stuck in a cell for months on end by pointing out that, at least, he had his own bucket to relieve himself. Now that’s some glass-err, bucket half full kind of thinking, isn’t it?

6 "In Like Flynn, Get It?"

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End ends by jumping to the future and showing Nathan and Elena as parents. And yet, Nathan was full of dad jokes way before he even got married. In Uncharted 2, he and Flynn were doing some sneaking in through a concealed entrance, when Nate decided to throw this cheesy joke out.

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According to him, Flynn sneaking in without getting caught meant he was going “In like Flynn.” It actually is a real phrase, but applying it to a guy literally called Flynn was a joke only a dad could find funny.

5 "Great, power's out, and a girl's trapped. I swear to God if there's a zombie around the next corner..."

You can never accuse Nathan of not keeping up with continuity, as he calls back to previous adventures in every game. In Uncharted 2, Nate found himself in a position where he had to free Chloe from being trapped in an elevator without any electricity in the building; this brought back some memories for him.

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Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune had seen Nate in a similar position where he had to free Elena but was astonished to find zombies chasing after him. He clearly still remembered that event, since Nate expected a zombie to attack him again despite being several countries away in a different destination.

4 "Well, Technically, I Did..."

Chloe likened Nate to a monkey by promising to give him a banana when he’d accomplished their mission. This was because Nate could climb over anything that was before him, and we saw him do just this inside the temple in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

Nate had to put his body on the line to jump and fall in various points on the enormous statue, and the guy didn’t even get full credit for pulling it off. Chloe shared the credit when the passageway was open, but an exasperated Nate muttered that technically it was all because of him.

3 "Statue Of Your Mom."

When two rivals are thrust together in a situation to work together even though they’d rather kill one another, the end result might see them arguing like two kids in the park. When Nate and Flynn were tasked by Zoran Lazarević to open up the path for the rest of them, the two traded verbal shots while on their way.

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Flynn’s part was mainly him acting high and mighty, while an angered Nate could only conjure “Your Mom” jokes as he was being held at gunpoint. Still, it was hilarious to hear him call an ugly statue out as Flynn’s mom out of nowhere.

2 "I Haven't Thought That Far Ahead."

This was the catchphrase Nate got in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, as he displayed time and again how everything he did was kind of a fluke. Elena was convinced Nate had a grand plan when chasing after a moving train, but it turned out he hadn’t even thought about how he was going to get on the train. 

In the ending scene, Nate again declares he has no clue where he and Elena would go after all they’d been through; at a time when they were somewhere in Tibet. Regardless, the line is guaranteed to get a chuckle out of any fan because it just about sums up Nate’s whole characterization.

1 "Any Chance This Is Sector 19?"

Here, Nate combines both his adorkable quality and his penchant for cheesy lines. When Nate and Chloe are spotted by Lazarević’s men while they were in Sector 18 of Nepal, Nate tries to convince himself they are in another sector.

This then led to him asking Chloe if there was any chance at all they were actually in a supposed Sector 19. Perhaps he would have believed his own denial had there not been a huge killer helicopter heading straight their way at that very moment. Since Nate won the fight, they should really have changed the place’s name to Sector 19.

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