In an online Q&A with the Official Playstation Blog, Naughty Dog’s Lead Game Designer, Neil Druckmann, has revealed that Uncharted: Drakes Fortune trophy information unlocks $100,000 in spendable in-game cash for Uncharted 2 items.

You’ve probably been enjoying Uncharted 2 for a couple days: climbing through warzones, over mountain cliffs, scavenging for hidden treasures, not to mention all that time on trains. You’ve watched the final credits and are now ready to journey online, excited to tackle the various online modes. Throughout the story, you racked up in-game cash for spending in the Uncharted 2 store, where you can unlock various bonuses in both single player and multiplayer campaigns.

The extra virtual cash from a previous Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune game can go a long way – maybe you’ve got your eye on a new look, the slick “Heist Drake” is a popular choice for $20,000. Maybe you’re not particularly great at the game? The “Sure Shot Booster” for $64,500 might just be the edge you need when heading into the brawl online.

Some news sources have incorrectly reported that an Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune platinum trophy is required for the bonus to unlock; actually a 100% completion file (meaning you beat the first game) is required, so simply having a game save isn’t enough. If you are a seasoned Uncharted player – you can find the activation link “Drake’s Fortune” in “Store” found under “Bonuses” in the Main Menu (not the multi-player menu).

If you’re having trouble redeeming the $100,000, you can check out the Official Playstation Forums where user “bigdaddykraven” has put together a quick troubleshoot.

So Uncharted vets, what are you going to buy with your bonus?

Source: Playstation Blog