Uncharted Movie Director Praises Nathan Fillion Fan Film

Earlier this month, Nathan Fillion surprised everyone by starring in a fan film based on the Uncharted series. Fillion played Nathan Drake in the 15-minute short, which featured wisecracks, gunfights, and mystery. Fans of Uncharted loved the film but it seems that they aren't the only ones with positive things to say about it.

In an interview with Italian publication Bad Taste, Shawn Levy, the current director of the official Uncharted movie, was quick to heap praise upon the fan film. During the interview (translated with Google Translate), Levy called the short "really spectacular," also saying that it was "absolutely a surprise!" Moreover, Levy said that the Nathan Fillion-starring flick was directed "very well" and is "very funny."

Unfortunately, Bad Taste didn't ask Levy on whether or not Nathan Fillion and Allan Ungar, who wrote and directed the short, could work on the Uncharted film in an official capacity. Current details for the Uncharted film claim Tom Holland will be playing Nathan Drake so, barring a major plot twist, that would rule out Fillion's on-screen involvement. But this doesn't mean that Fillion and Ungar couldn't have a consulting role, lending their creative ideas to the blockbuster epic instead.


Positively, even if Levy hasn't commented on Ungar and Fillion's involvement, they have hinted that more Uncharted hijinks could be in store further down the line. In a recent interview about the fan film, Ungar teased that there are already discussions about working on "something more." Ungar suggested that a digital series based on the short film could be made and that emails have already been exchanged with relevant parties (presumably, Sony).

Many fans will still be pushing for Ungar and Fillion's flick to be expanded into a larger movie, one that could even rival Sony's own, official take on the Uncharted franchise. In the YouTube comments of the fan film, many viewers even offer to support the project through crowdfunding platforms such as Indiegogo or Kickstarter.

It's unclear whether Ungar and Fillion will need to go that route - as it seems more likely that they will get funding and pursue this in an official manner. However, given that Friday the 13th: The Game set crowdfunding records for receiving the most amount of pledges for a game based on a movie, why couldn't the Uncharted fan film set records for a movie based on a game?

Source: Bad Taste

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