After noticing a website link while playing Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 4, one gamer decides to purchase the site before the developer can get its hands on it.

The Uncharted series is a franchise full of secrets, be it through hunting for hidden treasure in-game or through the surprising twists and turns of each game’s narrative. This is equally true of Uncharted 4, Naughty Dog’s final part of the beloved property. Since the game released on May 10, plenty of players have been scouring the game for hidden content, but one user found something a little unexpected. Although there are no story spoilers below, please be aware that there are mild spoilers for the game’s setting.

A player going by the name Dacvak over on Reddit was exploring the New Orleans home of Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher in the fourth chapter of Uncharted 4. On the second floor of the house, the user found a magazine in Elena’s office. Looking at the publication, Dacvak found a website link on the back page, for a domain named

Like any curious gamer, Dacvak then decided to follow the link to see where it led. Somewhat surprisingly, given that the link could have been the perfect place to find a secret such as this special Easter egg, the player found that the domain was up for sale, so decided to go ahead and buy it before Naughty Dog realised. Those interested in the website’s location can see where to find it in the image below, courtesy of Dacvak over on imgur.

Bangkok Uncharted 4 copy

“I tried out the URL and saw it didn’t go anywhere. Checked it out and no one had even purchased that domain, so I grabbed it for fun,” explained Dacvak on the Reddit thread. Although the user apparently has “zero plans” for the site, it currently links back to the Reddit thread itself. Now, Dacvak has opened up to the internet for suggestions on just what to do with the site.

Some of the responses have been particularly devilish, to say the least. One other user has suggested that Dacvak turns the website into a fake page hinting at a sequel to The Last Of Us. Meanwhile, another has asked that the user puts together a Crash Bandicoot teaser, with a counter for Sony’s E3 2016 press conference – although some may see through this prank given Sony’s recent reiteration that Activision holds the rights to the character.

It’s not just secret hunters that have become captivated with Uncharted 4, either. The game an undoubted triumph, with Naughty Dog taking the franchise to new heights with its final episode, making Uncharted 4 potentially the best in the series. Who knows – perhaps there are still plenty of secrets to discover in the game.

Source: Reddit, imgur