While Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 4 has dominated headlines for the quality of its experience, and it seems that even when it does suffer from glitches they’re incredibly entertaining.

There aren’t many instances in recent memory of a AAA game debuting to near universal praise, but somehow Naughty Dog has managed to do just that with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. While the gaming community remains divided on many of the most financially successful titles in the modern era, there is a surprising solidarity from fans and critics alike regarding just how good Uncharted 4 really is.

That positive reception is, in part, due to the breath-taking physics engine and graphics design work that Naughty Dog employed for Uncharted 4. When it’s working, it manages to capture the essence of classic action-adventure cinema while putting players in control of how the story unfolds during the most critical action scenes. When it’s not working, though, it turns out the Uncharted 4 game engine turns Sam Drake into a levitating superhero who would not be out of place in an X-Men game, as redditor IzeBerg discovered during one section of Naughty Dog’s smash hit.

Look at Nathan Drake climbing walls like a peasant. One would think that in Uncharted 4, the culmination of Nathan’s many years of exploring, he’d have figured out an easier way by now. Instead, Sam totally owns the whole process of suddenly gaining the ability to gracefully transport himself through the air using only his brain. It appears that Sam might also have gained the power of selective invisibility, since the guards patrolling the area don’t even blink when a grown man suddenly drops out of the sky in front of them.

There are already The Last of Us easter eggs in Uncharted 4, so perhaps this is the game engine’s way of subtly hinting that the Cordyceps virus will grant supernatural powers in the story of Joel and Ellie’s inevitable sequel. Or maybe, although much more mundane, this is simply the result of an incredibly entertaining glitch in a game that doesn’t feature very many immersion breaks.

Despite the humorous error, however, Uncharted 4 is still a technological marvel that has wowed impartial observers and even Xbox boss Phil Spencer, who took to Twitter to congratulate Naughty Dog on Nathan Drake’s final adventure. While gamers often criticize titlesĀ for containing glitches like the one on display here with Sam Drake, it’s refreshing to have them take place in a game with such an impeccably high quality. Instead of viewing the glitch as an annoyance, in a game as good as Uncharted 4, it’s a lot easier to view it as unexpected entertainment in a game that is already chalk full of absorbing content.

What do you think about Sam Drake’s levitation? Have you experienced any similarly funny glitches during your playthrough of Uncharted 4? Let us know (or post proof!) in the comments below.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is available now, exclusively for the PS4.

Source: Reddit (via Games Radar)