The world premiere video for Uncharted 4 unveils an exciting new cutscene that features a new character who is more than a match for Nathan Drake.

Naughty Dog’s newest Uncharted instalment will feature at least one new female character who appears, at first glance, to be a new antagonist. Not much is known about the new Uncharted 4 character, including her name, but whoever she is, she looks intimidating. In the world premiere trailer, she clearly flusters Drake, first flirting with him to put him off guard before kicking and punching him into a bookcase.

The new character’s voice, which is equal parts intimidating and sultry, is being provided by industry veteran Laura Bailey, who has voiced characters in Halo 5, World of Warcraft, and Final Fantasy XIII, among other games. Whoever this new Uncharted 4 character is, she’s at least going to sound great, and if the trailer is any indication, the cast of Naughty Dog’s popular action-adventure series will be welcoming another strong female addition to its already diverse cast.

Beyond the reveal of the new character, the trailer showcases Nathan Drake up to his usual antics, dodging gunfire and swinging from ropes attached to precariously decrepit ruins. The game has been kept pretty tightly under wraps, with most of the new information being released recently involving Uncharted 4‘s multiplayer. Exactly what that game mode will look like is anyone’s guess, as Uncharted 4 will feature microtransactions in multiplayer for the first time in series history.


Those who are even more excited about getting their hands on the newest Nathan Drake adventure were pleased to hear that the Uncharted 4 beta released a day early. Although the beta has been experiencing issues in its first twenty-four hours online, early feedback from those who have been able to play has been cautiously optimistic. Of course, the initial issues are to be expected, as Sony and Naughty Dog are using the beta to stress test the game’s servers before its actual release in Spring 2016.

If the world premiere trailer is anything to go by, it looks like Naughty Dog’s newest effort may be their best yet, and it might not be the developer’s last. Although previous news reports had indicated that the game would be Nathan Drake’s final adventure, more recent updates have revealed that Uncharted 4 might not be the last game in the series after all.

What did you think of the newest Uncharted 4 trailer? Are you excited to get to know the newest character in a franchise that’s already spawned some memorable ones? Let us know in the comments.

Uncharted 4 is a PS4 exclusive that will release on March 18, 2016.