In a recent interview, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End lead multiplayer designer Robert Cogburn teases future content and what fans can expect once the game launches.

It has been a busy month for Naughty Dog as the closed multiplayer beta for their upcoming third person action game, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, kicked off earlier, providing the developer with a large amount of data to sift through before release in a few months. In a recent interview, Uncharted 4’s lead multiplayer designer Robert Cogburn, discussed some of the feedback details and also provided a few hints at what the developer is planning to keep the player base high post-release.

When asked about post-launch support, Cogburn mentioned that the biggest factor for the team is to keep player engagement. For them, that means listening to feedback and providing updates at a decent pace. The progression system, which is planned to be revealed sometime early in 2016, was also teased as a way to keep the community playing, though what that entails isn’t yet clear. As expected, Naughty Dog is also planning smaller content drops such as new mystical, sidekicks, and other items as well. The biggest takeaway is that Naughty Dog isn’t planning to ship the game and wipe their hands clean of it.

“We have some really cool plans in the future, outside of some of the obvious things like new Mysticals, new sidekicks, new weapons and whatnot. Hopefully, we’ll be able to execute these plans in the future. They’re a little ambitious.”

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Other feedback included praise for the Mystical powers, which gave players the ability to call in a supernatural power based on some of the previous games. Surprisingly, the other new element, sidekicks, was met with more of a mixed reaction with the online community. Naughty Dog has already confirmed that they’re starting to look closer at this element to better balance them.

“It’s going to be fun to consider which direction we take things. We’ve got some sick ideas.”

In a growing trend in the games industry, Uncharted 4 is the latest game to utilize microtransactions in its multiplayer component. Through the use of Uncharted points, players can opt to spend real money to quickly purchase new items and upgrades or players can simply acquire in-game currency through normal gameplay to unlock the items. Naughty Dog has stressed that no gameplay items will ever be locked behind microtransactions, so players can ultimately choose how to unlock these things.

While many people are looking forward to seeing how Nathan Drake’s story concludes in the single player campaign, based on what players have seen so far with the multiplayer, it appears that Naughty Dog is really working hard to make sure this side of the game is just as strong as the traditional campaign elements.

Are you someone that enjoys the multiplayer components of the Uncharted games or are you excited solely for the story campaign? Lets hear those thoughts down in the comments.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End launches on March 18, 2016 exclusively on PlayStation 4.

Source: GameSpot