Video game developer Naughty Dog officially announces that news regarding the single player DLC for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is a long way off from now.

As many avid fans of Naughty Dog’s near-flawlessly reviewed Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End are probably aware, the studio’s action-adventure title is on track to receive a bounty of expansion materials to extend its life and keep players content with the release for the foreseeable future. However, during a livestream event today, the developer stated “it will be a while” until specifics about the forthcoming DLC for the game’s single-player campaign is revealed.

Regarding the matter, Naughty Dog mentioned that the production of the add-ons for Uncharted 4‘s story mode hadn’t even begun until the base game was put out back in May. With this being the case, the studio and its creators don’t have many materials that can be discussed with fans and press outlets alike, much less when the expansion is going to release.

Nevertheless, Naughty Dog declared that it wasn’t going to withhold any details aboutĀ Uncharted 4‘s single-player DLC once they become available. As it happens, the company said that it will be happy to share what it’s working on with players “as soon as we’re able to give you more info,” which ought to be quite some time from now.


For those gaming fans who may not be up to speed on Uncharted 4‘s story mode add-ons, Naughty Dog announced that the game’s single-player DLC was inspired by the success of The Last of Us‘ expansion known as Left Behind. The studio’s director of communications Arne Meyer explained several months ago that not only was the DLC for The Last of UsĀ a commercial success, but it also gave fans a quality gameplay experience, which goaded Uncharted 4‘s developers into making a solid expansion for the title’s main story.

Although Uncharted 4 fans have been promised upcoming DLC for the game’s single-player, it’s going to be a long while until Naughty Dog even shares what it could be about. Nevertheless, developers aren’t planning on sending players away empty handed, as the title’s first bit of multiplayer DLC called Lost Treasures is set to launch tomorrow alongside a major patch dubbed 1.08 that will make a series of balance and gameplay changes. Plus, speaking of multiplayer, during the aforementioned livestream, the studio also stated its desire to eventually add split-screen, which wasn’t available at launch.

In the meantime, perhaps players can while away the hours waiting for single-player DLC news by attempting to nab Uncharted 4‘s Platinum Trophy if they haven’t done so already. Should some gamers have already obtained it, though, maybe those fans can get creative and set some self-imposed limitations on themselves, like one fan who managed to beat the game’s Crushing difficulty using almost no guns in the process.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is out now and is available exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Source: Twitch (via GameSpot)