It’s been less than two weeks since Sony shocked the world and announced a new Uncharted game was in development for the PS4. Well, it’s certainly been less than two weeks since the announcement.

Since that time, the rumor mills have been working overtime, pouring of the reveal trailer for any and every clue, but few substantial tidbits have been gleaned – although this may be a Pirate-themed adventure. Today, however, we have some additional Uncharted 4 teases that are fairly straightforward, but are nonetheless exciting.

The majority of the info comes courtesy of actor Todd Stashwick, who narrated the Uncharted teaser trailer and is clearly a key component of the sequel. In the trailer, Stashwick’s character talks about revenge, among other things, which many believe positions him as the main villain.

Along with voicing the villain, Stashwick, in typical Naughty Dog fashion, is also serving as mo-cap actor for the unnamed character. He provided some images of himself “in action,” which can be seen below.

Unfortunately, there are no Nolan North spottings in the images, so speculation about Nathan Drake’s return is still up in the air. With Uncharted creator Amy Hennig still on board, and serving as creative director on this next game, we don’t expect the franchise to venture too far off the beaten path, but it’s strange that Stashwick’s character is the centerpiece of marketing thus far.

If you’ll remember from our interview with Hennig back when Uncharted 3 was getting ready to release, Hennig said that she still wants to “continue exploring facets of Drake that we haven’t seen before,” and would do so by “putting people in his world that inspire or provoke different aspects of his character that we haven’t seen yet.” At the time of that interview, Hennig was still uncertain if there was to be an Uncharted 4 — and The Last of Us was not yet announced — but if she is still on that line of thinking we might have further confirmation that Drake will return. Moreover, Stashwick’s character’s connections to Drake, or his lineage, are irrefutable.

Clearly, this next Uncharted is still a work in progress, and there’s presumably much more for Naughty Dog to announce – not just about characters, but about titles, release dates, and all that. For now, though, we have Stashwick’s Twitter account over which to keep a watchful eye.

What do you make of the mo-cap images from Stashwick? Can you see any clues? How do you hope his character ties into the Uncharted universe?

Source: Twitter — Todd Stashwick