Naughty Dog details the first major content update for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, known as the Lost Treasures pack, and reveals big changes coming today for multiplayer.

After multiple delays which ultimately pushed the launch of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End into May of this year, the game has proven to be a massive success story for both Sony and Naughty Dog. The game has not only outsold all others in the month of May, but it has already exceeded sales projections set by the last major Uncharted title. With July now a couple of days away, Naughty Dog is freshening up the experience for players by releasing a major update along with the first multiplayer expansion.

First up for Uncharted 4 multiplayer is the Lost Treasures multiplayer pack, which represents the first major content delivery highlighted as part of the multiplayer road map Naughty Dog revealed a couple of months ago. The update adds five new weapons, over 100 new vanity items including pre-sets, skins, and taunts, the Path of Indra mystical, and new boosters like Enhanced Radar, Hardened (which reduces damage) or Gunslinger (which increases reload speed and weapon swapping while rolling).

For many, however, the big change coming in this update is the addition of a brand new map called Sunken Ruins. Detailed as a smaller, faster paced map, Sunken Ruins takes inspiration from the single player campaign like most of the maps. The map is coming to everyone for free as will all future map releases, in an effort to continue to keep the player base unified instead of split between those with DLC and those without.

uncharted 4 sunken ruins

Update 1.08 adds in a number of bug fixes and minor updates to the experience, but the biggest changes are a new leveling system and the brand new Ranked Team Deathmatch mode. As many fans discovered, Uncharted 4 multiplayer did not feature a traditional progression system, instead unlocking new items based on how much use they had during the previous match. Now, experience will allow players to level up, earn even more medals, and unlock exclusive vanity items at every 5 levels up to a maximum of 70.

Ranked Team Deathmatch adds a competitive seasons-based mode, where players will compete to earn exclusive vanity items for reaching Gold, Platinum or Diamond tiers. The rewards are also season exclusive, so failing to reach a certain tier after the season ends means that item is gone forever. Rewards and rules for participation can be found on the official Uncharted website.

Fans looking for more details can tune into the official Naughty Dog Twitch channel on Thursday, June 30 at 11:30 AM PT / 20:30 CET to see the new ranked mode in action, along with some of the developers answering any questions related to the multiplayer changes.

For many, however, the promise of a single player downloadable content campaign is what continues to drive interest. After demonstrating the potential of single player content through the successful Left Behind campaign for The Last of Us, many are wondering who or what will be the subject of this new Uncharted 4 story line. Unfortunately for fans, Naughty Dog has recently confirmed that news regarding the single player DLC won’t be coming any time soon. Production for each of the add-ons didn’t actually begin until the base game launched in May, so as it stands, there just isn’t much information to share even if the studio could.

Are you excited to see fresh content and another map arrive for the multiplayer portion of Uncharted 4? What are you hoping to see added when the second multiplayer expansion arrives? Sound off in the comments below.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is available now exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

Source: PlayStation Blog