Uncharted 4 Marketing Campaign is the 'Largest Ever' for Sony

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Uncharted 4's marketing is no doubt impressive, but a recent statement from Sony claims that it's the largest campaign that PlayStation has ever seen.

With the release date for PlayStation exclusive Uncharted 4: A Thief's End getting ever closer, Sony has really stepped up its game in terms of marketing. According to a 2 page spread in this weeks issue of MCV, the latest in the Uncharted series is on the recieving end of "PlayStation's largest ever" marketing campaign.

If you're yet to see a TV spot for the upcoming game then you'll have no further to look than any major show or sporting event as the Uncharted 4 promo is being shown constantly during popular series such as The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. Film-lovers are also likely to catch a glimpse of Nathan Drake's latest adventure as Deadpool, Star Wars, and Captain America: Civil War will all be showing game footage in the trailers.

Uncharted 4 Marketing

Besides the masses of billboards and buses that all show off Drake's rugged good looks, there are also all manner of retail displays in production to advertise the game. According to MCV, the displays will feature Nathan swinging from a real rope, treasure chest cubes, stand out FSDUs, window vinyls and more.

What we've seen of the game so far looks incredible, with the recent leaked images showing off just how beautiful Uncharted 4 is looking. The beautifully crafted environment appears to be making great use of the PS4's hardware and will reportedly be 10 times larger than previous titles in the series, which may allow for more exploration and hidden secrets.

The game will be one last adventure for Nathan Drake whose story is coming to an end along with the franchise in Uncharted 4. While obviously this is sad news, we think that the series coming to an end is a good thing as it gives Naughty Dog the chance to try something new. Last time they branched out, we ended up with The Last of Us so we have no complaints to them working on other projects.

The main issue with ending a great franchise like Uncharted is that it's hard to find an ending that will keep everyone happy. Try as you might, it's not going to be possible to satisfy everyone and creative director Neil Druckmann knows this better than anyone. According to the game's director, Uncharted 4's ending is proving to be quite divisive among focus testers so we'll have to wait and judge for ourselves when the title releases next month.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is set to release May 10, exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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