Finding every journal entry in Uncharted 4 is no easy feat, but Game Rant is here to help. Check out our guide on finding all of Nathan Drake’s journal entries.

Uncharted 4 is a massive game, and like the other games in the series, it has plenty for the player to explore and discover. Among these discoveries are the journal entries scattered throughout the game; Nathan Drake can write or draw in his journal while looking at certain objects. Finding every journal entry in a game as big as Uncharted 4 can be a bit tough, and if gamers miss one, it might be too late to go back for it without starting the entire game over. This guide can help gamers to find every single journal entry to ensure that they don’t miss a thing.

Gamers don’t need to fret about finding journal entries early on in Uncharted 4. The first opportunity for Nathan to make a journal entry doesn’t occur until Chapter 8, but nearly every subsequent chapter features at least one entry.

Here are the locations for every journal entry in Uncharted 4:

Chapter 8: The Grave of Henry Avery

uncharted 4 open grave

  • Examine the dug-up grave to the left of the graveyard entrance to create Nathan’s first journal entry.
  • The second entry can be acquired by examining the center crucifix and having a short conversation with Nathan’s brother, Sam.

Chapter 9: For Those Who Prove Worthy

uncharted 4 bucket puzzle door

  • Head forward until you see two statues at the start of the chapter; Nathan will jot down an image of the skeleton in the cage that’s dangling near them.
  • Another journal entry can be created by examining the lever next to the door that opens in the room after solving the bucket puzzle.

Chapter 10: The Twelve Towers

uncharted 4 tower sigil

  • In the first tower, Nathan will jot down the fiery dragon sigil on the floor.
  • Nathan will make note of the Adam Baldridge sigil in the second tower.
  • Another journal entry is created in the last tower by the draw bridge. The crest of a horse on the ground will trigger the journal entry.
  • The final journal entry can be acquired by approaching the base of the signal tower. Standing too close may make the trigger vanish, so it may require stepping backwards and readjusting Nathan’s distance to the tower.

Chapter 12: At Sea

uncharted 4 sunken ship notation

  • The next entry appears on the beach of the big island. A cross on the shoreline will trigger a journal entry.
  • A short distance from the big island is a sunken ship. Hop off the boat and approach the sunken ship on land to journal it.
  • On the small island, a skeleton can be found tethered to a post on the beach, which Nathan finds worthy of a notation.
  • The next entry requires sliding down the mud hill, then climbing up the short ledge and dropping down off its side. Looking at the statues on the far wall will trigger a journal entry.
  • In the cistern planning room, look for a table with a miniature diorama of a town on top for an entry.
  • Lastly for this chapter, examine the Avery statue for a journal entry.

Chapter 13: Marooned

uncharted 4 hanging skeleton

  • In the cave behind the waterfall, there’s a skeleton and a message that Nathan will write down.
  • Another bunch of skeletons can be seen after climbing out of the river in the cave. The hanging skeleton gets a notation from Nathan.

Chapter 14: Join Me In Paradise

uncharted 4 rule plaque journal entry

  • Check the horse bones in the barn across the way from the blacksmith for an entry.
  • Go behind the market and to the left to find a rule plaque with a pirate emblem.
  • On the other side of the market is another Avery statue. This time, examine the back of the statue for a journal entry.
  • Lastly, talk to Sam by the stocks near the Avery statue. Nathan will offer to make a sketch of Sam in the stocks.

Chapter 15: The Thieves of Libertalia

uncharted 4 broken avery statue

  • The sole journal entry in this chapter can be found by examining the broken-off head of a Captain Avery statue.

Chapter 17: For Better or Worse

uncharted 4 broken water wheel

  • Near the second elevator, a broken water wheel will catch Nathan’s attention and is worth a journal notation.
  • After the waterfall incident, head to the end of the river and examine the bridge.

Chapter 18: New Devon

uncharted 4 vase moss room flooded house

  • In the flooded house, there’s a vase that can be sketched in the room that’s overgrown with moss.
  • Examine the dining table in Tew’s house for the final journal entry.

Finding every single journal entry is no easy feat, but there is a reward for gamers who put in the effort. Players who unlock every journal entry will receive two Uncharted 4 trophies, so it’s a must for completionists. Gamers who want to see everything that Uncharted 4 has to offer should also check out the hidden Uncharted 4 Naughty Dog easter egg.

Uncharted 4 is out now for the PlayStation 4.