Sony’s PlayStation Experience 2015 has an emotional moment, showcasing the reunion of the Drake brothers in a dialogue-laden new Uncharted 4 cutscene.

When fans of the Uncharted series think of the finer points of the adventure series, serious discussions and introspective moments are generally low on the list. With the series renowned for its action focus, fast gameplay, and quick-quipping main character, emotional attachment is not quite a player’s priority. Nonetheless, Sony’s PSX 2015 opened with a new cutscene from Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and one that certainly tried to pull at the heartstrings.

The focus of the trailer was the reunion of Uncharted series hero Nathan Drake with his estranged brother Sam. The arrival of Sam is a surprise to Nathan, who believed his elder brother to be deceased. Arriving on Nathan’s doorstep, the hero had a number of questions that begged to be answered.

The conversation, however, turned to Nathan’s adventures instead, with the younger Drake brother regaling Sam with stories of his escapades throughout the previous games in the series. That said, it isn’t long before the talk takes a darker turn, with the previously missing brother explaining to Nathan that he is in danger. The full cutscene can be seen below.

Although the trailer takes on a more low-key turn than the series is known for, there are still a few moments that will no doubt be familiar. The initial conversation between Nathan and his brother is a witty repartee, with Sam explaining that he is looking for his younger brother, who is “leaner” and with “less grey in the temples.” However, the cutscene does hint at the decidedly different themes that Naughty Dog has suggested.

The video also reveals a series first for Uncharted, in the form of dialogue trees. Nathan Drake was able to choose exactly what adventure to discuss with Sam, suggesting that dialogue options will be open to the player throughout the game. Whether this means that the game will change Uncharted’s status in the game versus interactive story argument remains to be seen, however.

With Sam acting as a supporting character in Uncharted 4, and apparently in danger, it may also change some fan discussions over how the game – and the series – will end. With a name as morbid as A Thief’s End, and Naughty Dog already confirming that the game will not set up a sequel, many fans have worried that the title could end with the death of Nathan Drake. With another Drake – and fellow treasure hunter – playing an integral role in the game, it could be that Sam is the one that is subject to a greater peril.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will be released on March 18, 2016, exclusively for the PS4.