One incredibly skilled fan of Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End manages to beat the game on its Crushing difficulty while rarely using guns in the process.

Now that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has been out in the wild for about a couple of weeks, many fans of what is presumably the last game in the series from Naughty Dog have been given ample time to play through to the action-adventure title’s conclusion. In doing so, a lot of these gamers have certainly gotten a solid grasp on the environment and map layouts of Uncharted 4, which will definitely benefit them in subsequent speed runs and outings on higher difficulties.

As it happens, one Uncharted 4 player has not only gone on to beat Uncharted 4 on “Crushing”—that is, the title’s hardest setting—but the fan also completed the arduous achievement by only using guns when the game forced him to do so. In fact, going by the name BOYvsVIDEOGAME on YouTube, the player recently uploaded the feat in a lengthy video series, as it was no easy task.

As seen in the footage below, rather than potentially spoiling the fate of Nathan Drake by showing the the last segment of the playthrough, we decided to queue up BOYvsVIDEOGAME’s nearly firearm-free run at the beginning for those who haven’t made it to the game’s final act yet. Nevertheless, if fans wish to see a fellow gamer put themselves through a seemingly impossible journey, they would do well to watch the YouTuber’s adventure in full.

Of course, while BOYvsVIDEOGAME’s accomplishment is indeed impressive, he’s obviously not the first to actually finish Uncharted 4 in its entirety. As a matter of fact, PlayStation Network user Zite75 recently shared the spoils that comes from attaining the game’s Platinum Trophy, which prompts developers to share a special message with fans upon doing literally everything that can be checked off on Uncharted 4‘s PS4 Trophy List. Naturally, though, it’s debatable as to whether or not Zite75’s or BOYvsVIDEOGAME’s deed is more masterful.

In any event, with Uncharted 4 receiving a successful launch by having its first week sales exceed 2.7 million copies sold, it’s indubitable that a lot of those fans will put themselves through similar self-limiting experiences to that of BOYvsVIDEOGAME’s, if only to try playing the game in a different manner. Once gamers beat the story on all of its difficulties and have had their fill of Uncharted 4‘s multiplayer mode, it really just makes sense for fans to kill the time in one way or another while waiting for the title’s forthcoming DLC.

What did you think about BOYvsVIDEOGAME beating Uncharted 4‘s Crushing difficulty level with little gunplay? Are your skills up to the task of something like that? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is out now and is available exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Source: BOYvsVIDEOGAME – YouTube