What to Expect From the 'Uncharted 3' Spike VGA Trailer

Uncharted 3 - Spike VGAs Teaser

Geoff Keighley has probably seen every trailer and played every game set to release in the next 30 years. The guy has more inside access than anyone. So it's no surprise to see him teasing details about the upcoming Uncharted 3 trailer set to be revealed during tonight's Spike TV Video Game Awards.

Fair warning, unlike Keighley's Batman: Arkham City teaser, there's not really any must-know details revealed here. Still, check it out for yourself and see if you can spot something I didn't:

A full two minutes of Uncharted 3 action? Best grab a towel for all of that drool. It's disappointing Geoff wasn't able to drop any more details than he did, though of course Ranter Andrew Dyce has already written up everything we already know about Uncharted 3, available for your reading here.

Suffice to say, it looks like Drake might very well be following a path laid out by T.E. Lawrence, i.e. Lawrence of Arabia, in the autobiography Seven Pillars of Wisdom. His quest? To find the legendary city of Iram, or Ubar, a city lost to the desert in much the same way Atlantis was lost to the ocean. Why Drake could be searching for this city is still a mystery, as there's no legend of mystical treasure or magical artifacts immediately associated with the city. I'm no history major though, so who knows.

With the very recent announcement that Gears of War 3 won't be making an appearance at the VGAs, Uncharted 3 is almost certain to be the highlight of the event. Well, Uncharted 3 and Batman: Arkham City will both steal the show. It's awesome to see these contenders for Game of the Year 2009 coming back and duking it out again.

Any interesting speculation on Uncharted 3, Ranters? Do you think the two minute trailer will steal the show, or are you more excited for another of the 12 reveals at the Spike TV VGAs.

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