'Uncharted 3' Gameplay Trailer Shows Uninterrupted Burning Chateau Sequence

Uncharted 3 Burning Chateau Gameplay Trailer

Gamers who caught the Uncharted 3 footage on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon might have had a few gripes with the ex-Saturday Night Live player turned talk show host. As a self proclaimed gamer, Fallon struggled throughout much of his demo to get any real bearings while controlling Nathan Drake. It’s no fault of Fallon’s, but gamers were most likely looking for an up close and personal look at that burning chateau sequence and Fallon didn't provide. Luckily, an uncut, unedited, and pro-controlled gameplay trailer has been released.

As first demonstrated by the Fallon footage, at one point during Uncharted 3, protagonist Nathan Drake and mentor Sully will be trying to make their way through a burning chateau. Walls will be crumbling, floors will be shattering, and above all else bad dudes will still be shooting at the pair. It’s the perfect demonstration of the type of action set pieces gamers have come to expect from the series.

Check out the gameplay below:


When the idea of Uncharted set in the desert first came through, the question was raised as to how much of the desert gamers would see. Following right in line with the winter based storyline from Among Thieves, Drake and his cohorts will most likely be jet setting around the world before finally settling in the Rub’ al Khali Desert.

Every element, from the quest to discover a treasure once sought after by T.E. Lawrence, to the humor amidst disaster dialogue, falls right in line with previous iterations of Uncharted. Along with these similar elements, expect Drake to either be doing some double-crossing of his own or to be double-crossed himself. If the plot details are any indication, perhaps Drake could even be hiding some important facts about himself from Sully.

Naughty Dog could have set Uncharted 3 in space, the depths of the ocean, or even a shopping mall and gamers would have come in droves for this Game of the Year successor. It doesn’t matter where you send Nathan Drake in an Uncharted adventure; gamers want to play his adventures in any way possible.

What are your thoughts on the direction Uncharted 3 is taking? Did this burning chateau sequence help ease your mind that it might deviate from classic gameplay?

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception releases November 1st, 2011 for the PS3.

Source: CVG

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