'Uncharted 3' Screenshots Reveal Elena's Updated Look

Uncharted 3

It's been almost a month since any significant news has broken pertaining to the PS3 trilogy-closing adventure hit, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. Despite having already seen some rather extensive footage of the game, there has been no sign of Elena, Nathan Drake's love interest. It was only a matter of time until she appeared though, and thanks to a charity video for Japan, the first glance at what her character might look like in Uncharted 3 has hit the net.

Although the Uncharted 3 screenshots do not come from in-game footage, the models for Nathan and Sully are identical in the charity video to their models in the game. In other words, chances are very good Elena's in-game model will match as well. This all depends on if Elena does actually appear in one of our most anticipated games of this year.

As Gamersmint further points out, the voice-actor for Elena, Emily Rose, stated last year that she would be returning to the studio to record for the female lead. Although Sony denied it at the time, this video could prove otherwise. Regardless of whether or not she will return, Naughty Dog has taken the time to craft an entirely new model for the character. Check back later to see if Naughty Dog or Sony make an announcement one way or the other. Until then, here are the new screenshots:

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The last news we heard regarding Uncharted 3 was that 3D had officially been implemented into the title. This should add an extra layer of realism to a game that will require some precise shooting, jumping, and climbing. Plus, the impressive characters and scenery should make the added dimension even more appealing.

Until someone at Sony or Naughty Dog confirms or denies Elena's presence in Uncharted 3, we won't know for sure. Feel free to speculate until then in the comments below. Do you think Elena is going to stay involved in the series? We do.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception releases on November 1st, with or without Elena, exclusively for the PS3.


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Source: Gamersmint

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