‘Uncharted 3’ Comes With Code For ‘Starhawk’ Beta

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If PS3 owners needed anymore incentive to pick up Uncharted 3, it seems like the two people still holding out on the highly anticipated title should be convinced. When Uncharted 3 launches early next month, it will come with a beta code for Starhawk, the spiritual successor to Sony’s cult-hit shooter Warhawk.

Lightbox Interactive head Dylan Jobe has hinted at a Starhawk beta for some time now, saying that details on how to participate will be coming soon. It is unlikely that buying Uncharted 3 will be the only way into the beta, but at this point it’s most likely the best chance gamers have.

Unfortunately, the promotion has only been announced for the United States, meaning those in the Great White North (Canada) or other territories may be left out when it comes to access.

Starhawk Beta Insert

This promotion is certainly a pleasant surprise, but nothing new for Sony. Players who purchased Killzone 3 early received access to the SOCOM 4 beta, and in turn those who picked up SOCOM 4 early received access to the Resistance 3 beta. Both betas were later opened up to PlayStation Plus subscribers, with the Resistance 3 made widely available just a few days before it ended.

If Sony follows a similar practice with the Starhawk beta then those not interested in Uncharted 3 (maybe because the title will require an online pass) will probably still be able to participate if they are a Plus subscriber, albeit at a later date. Similarly, if this promotion follows in the footsteps of past Sony titles, then that means Canadians will probably be included as well.

If you still need to learn more about Starhawk or Uncharted 3, be sure to check out our Starhawk E3 preview and Uncharted 3 Subway Impressions.

If past titles are any indication, then this promotion will probably only be available with purchase of the first run copies, and considering how big the Uncharted franchise has become, those interested in grabbing the Starhawk beta should pre order their copy of Uncharted 3 as soon as possible.

Uncharted 3 releases November 1, 2011 for the PS3 and Starhawk will release sometime in 2012, also for the PS3.

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