Sony Tests Your Limits With 'Uncharted 3' Grab The Ring Contest

Sony Playstation Uncharted 3 Contest Grab The Ring

Sony is taking Nathan Drake’s trademark stubbornness to go for what he wants, and running with it. In a new promotional contest for Naughty Dog's Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, fans are encouraged to reach out and take life by the horns, just like Nate.

Players start with a humorous intro video by current PlayStation spokesperson Kevin Butler, in which he explains just how the contest works. Those willing to take up the challenge simply visit the website, turn on their webcam and reach out for a digital version of Nate’s ring for as long as they can, which earns them some sweet DLC.

Just for playing participants will earn an in-game t-shirt, but several other prizes follow quickly thereafter, with the grand prize being $10,000. Now that’s some treasure.

Here is the full list:

  • 15 Seconds: In-game T-Shirt
  • 2 Minutes: In-Game Cash
  • 4 Minutes: The Treasure Hunter Starter’s Pack
  • 8 Minutes: A Naughty Dog Pistol
  • 16 Minutes: Endurance Kickback Reward
  • 30 Minutes: Clip Size for GMAL
  • 1 Hour: A Naughty Dog Rifle
  • 1.5 Hours: Mystery Weapon 1
  • 2 Hours: Mystery Weapon 6

Sound intense? It is. I could only hold my arm up for 8 minutes before I thought it was going to fall off. There is some leniency if you go outside the ring area or drop your arm briefly. There is a 3 seconds window to get back up or you have to start all over, making for a strategic repose when things get rough.


Kevin Butler keeps you entertained, as only he can, through taunts and jokes as well as Uncharted 3 trailers and promotions. Alone, they can feel tedious, but when you’re aching and bored, it’s more than a welcomed distraction. Kevin also chimes in to let players know when they've reached a time mark for the next prize, which is helpful and motivating. They can play everyday and the best of the day earns $500.

If you have the endurance, the patience and most importantly the time to reach for an imaginary ring for 11 hours (the current best), then by all means head to the Grab The Ring website. Ten grand is nothing to sneeze at. If someone named Gollum enters the contest, however, don't even bother trying.

Still need inspiration? Check out our Uncharted 3 review and see just how relentless Nathan Drake can be.

Leave a comment letting us know what you think of the contest and, if you're crazy enough to try it, let us know how long you lasted.


Source: Grab The Ring [via Shack News]

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