'Uncharted 3' Gameplay Video Shows First 30 Minutes

Uncharted 3 Gameplay Video First 30 Minutes

At this point there isn't much Naughty Dog has to do to convince gamers to pick up a copy of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. With two spectacular games in the series already released, and showing no signs of slowing down, it's a safe bet that whether this game would warrant a purchase or not was decided by fans months ago. Nevertheless, in case you're unsure about the game's dense historical plot, the first 30 minutes of Uncharted 3 is now available for viewing.

Obviously those of you who are planning on picking up the game shouldn't bother spoiling any of the opening moments for yourself, unless you need one final push out the door to get you to buy your own copy this second. The latest Uncharted 3 launch trailer showed that the series had gone even deeper into cinematic storytelling, and the game's opening only reinforces it.

We've known for some time that deserts, airplane fistfights, and flaming mansions would be on tap for Nathan Drake's third (but certainly not final) adventure, but Naughty Dog has obviously kept plenty story details under wraps. In the first 30 minutes alone, we've got everything from goons neck-deep in toilets, a tense game of billiards, and a walk down memory lane.

If you've got your doubts that Uncharted is an experience that is completely unique in the world of video gaming, or just want to tease yourself before you can purchase your own copy, then feast your eyes on Uncharted 3, courtesy of VE3TRO:




We were expecting a lot from this game, but seeing how the titular adventurer and his partner-in-crime Sully crossing paths for the first time will be a treat for plenty of fans. The gameplay on hand may be giving more of the same as opposed to fixing what isn't broken, but seeing that the developers are still able to offer original and fresh storytelling in the first half-hour alone is encouraging. Not that the game needs any more buzz, now that it's gotten the approval of Indiana Jones himself.

All of this storytelling is reason enough to give the game a closer look, if you can manage the cost in this game-packed November, that is. With a literal horde of triple-A games releasing this month, we have to put Uncharted 3 among the most promising. Have you already picked up your copy, or are you holding out for a release later this month?

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception is available in stores now, exclusively for the PS3.


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Source: VE3TRO (via VG24/7)

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