Naughty Dog Addresses 'Uncharted 3' Gunplay Complaints

Naughty Dog Addresses Uncharted 3 Gunplay Complaints

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception has his store shelves and initial reviews – including our own Drake's reception review – say it's a must-have title for the PS3. Regardless of what some of the more glowing reviews say, the game isn't perfect - in fact, people are complaining that the gunplay feels "off" and inaccurate. Naughty Dog has come out with a response to these complains and offers a reason to why the weapons feels different.

Gamers who are currently playing Uncharted 3 complained about how the gunplay didn't feel right and at times felt less accurate than in Uncharted 2. Community manager Arne Meyer took to the Naughty Dog website to address these concurrents, and explained that the gun mechanics in Uncharted 3 were actually more accurate than in the previous game.

Meyer explains that in the previous title the bullets would not fire straight out of the gun all the time, even if the reticule was on the target. This resulted in the player not knowing why they were missing their target. He goes on to say:

"As a result, we wanted to be sure you had a better grasp of whether you were hitting or missing a target. In Uncharted 3 the bullets now fire straight out of the barrel 100 per cent of the time. However, we have recoil - where the reticule moves/bounces as you fire. Therefore, it is easier to tell if you are missing or hitting a target. Now it is much more obvious when you are hitting or missing based on the reticule itself."

So it wasn't that guns in the game were less accurate, the developers implemented a new system that gamers just had to get used to. The aiming was tweaked to make targeting more precise.

"Aiming is identical to Uncharted 2 - we took a look at the values side by side. We did adjust the sensitivity to be MUCH higher in Uncharted 3 to give you a more precise feel. "

Fans of the Uncharted titles know that Naughty Dog puts all of its effort into making a quality gaming experience. In fact, they didn't take a break in between finishing Uncharted 2 and starting Uncharted 3, they just hit the ground running. The developers did everything to harness the full power of the PS3 and this required a lot of tweaking - it would also make sense that the gameplay would change slightly.

Have you encountered problems with aiming in Uncharted 3?

Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception is out now exclusively for PS3.

-Source: Naughty Dog

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