'Uncharted 3' to Feature $25 DLC Season Pass 'Fortune Hunters' Club'

Uncharted 3 DLC Season Pass

Much like Uncharted 3 is adopting the much maligned online pass, so is the highly anticipated Sony exclusive supporting another common add-on in gaming: the DLC pass. Their version of the pass, called the Fortune Hunters Club, retails for $24.99 and entitles purchasers to four multiplayer map packs and three character skin packs, which should start rolling out later next month.

On top of that Fortune Hunters Club members will also gain instant access to the Club’s exclusive Uncharted 3 XMB theme at launch, so they can chat about the 45% savings they are earning. Even more impressive is the fact that the theme, once installed, will notify Club members when new DLC is available, ensuring the savings is never lost on them.

The Club was announced during the ‘Play It First in 3D’ event being held across the country for Uncharted 3, and wasn’t that surprising considering Naughty Dog’s focus on multiplayer for this iteration.

Sure, there is still the added concern of dangling an unknown quantity in front of gamers (will the map packs be worth it?), but for those who are going to end up purchasing the $45 worth of multiplayer DLC anyway, it’s obviously a bargain.

What is a little disconcerting, though, is that a membership in the Fortune Hunters Club only entitles you to the “first” four map packs and the “first” three character skin packs, meaning that more could be planned and for those gamers will have to pay full price. It seems a little confusing to me, that Naughty Dog wouldn’t make this an all encompassing pass, but perhaps they don’t want the value quotient to be too high.

The game releases in a little over a month, and we’ve had a chance to see even more of it in action during the event (more on that a little later), but based on what we’ve seen additional content may well be worth the price tag.

What do you think of Uncharted 3 supporting first the online pass and now the DLC season pass? Does this in any way affect your opinion of the property or is it just a new trend?

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception releases November 1, 2011 for the PS3.


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