'Uncharted 3' DLC Screenshots Show New Multiplayer Maps

Uncharted 3 DLC Graveyard

So far, nothing has metastasized out of last week's mysterious rumblings of a pending Uncharted announcement from Sony. Linking to a Norwegian url entitled "uutforsket" (which means "uncharted" in English), the late-1800s portrait image of Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen had many fans of Nathan Drake's fortune hunting series expecting, among other things, new information on DLC for Uncharted 3.

The teased date of March 22 came and went without a whisper, and Nansen disappeared from the limelight as if lost on a great Arctic adventure - revealing only an uneventful contest in Norway. Now though, it appears as if Naughty Dog has begun teasing details about the next Uncharted 3 DLC anyway - which is due out in April and will be the final pack developed for the Fortune Hunters' Club.

A brand new crop of screenshots has appeared on Naughty Dog's Flickr page offering glimpses of two multiplayer maps - the first entitled "Old Quarter," and the second entitled "Graveyard."

You can take a look below:

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We still don't know many specifics about the next Uncharted 3 DLC pack - it doesn't even have a name yet. But it's apparent that Old Quarter and Graveyard, at the very least, are two very distinct locales. The former is a Mediterranean city - perhaps Istanbul from Uncharted 2 - and looks to offer a plethora of opportunities for exterior vertical climbing and interior building-to-building navigation under the dark of night.

Graveyard, by contrast, appears far removed from the ornamented architecture of urban civilization. The map sets players in a floating cemetery of derelict rusty cargo ships adjoined by platforms and ramps. Climbing opportunities are no doubt abound here as well, but don't be surprised to see many players getting their jeans wet or hiding in between shipping crates.

The Fortune Hunters' Club was met with a fair share of tepidity when Uncharted 3 fans first got wind of the DLC initiative (pricing and the level of content were the main concerns.) However, after viewing its entire suite of multiplayer and co-op offerings, the $25 value has proven no more costly than comparative models such as Call of Duty Elite. Even though April's pack will put a lid on the constant stream of updates, we wouldn't be against Naughty Dog exploring even more expansions for Nathan Drake's third adventure in the future.

Ranters, are you looking forward to the final DLC offering of Uncharted 3's Fortune Hunters' Club? Which of the two maps here will win out for the bulk of your time?

For more on the game, be sure to check out our Uncharted 3 review.


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Source: Naughty Dog Flickr [via Gamespot]

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