New 'Uncharted 3' DLC Launches; Fortune Hunters' Club Gets Added Benefits

Uncharted 3 Multiplayer DLC Launches Fortune Hunter Club Gets More Benefits

Uncharted 3 started off with a slightly rocky start, which led to an aiming patch being implemented after launch to give gamers an alternate shooting option. Now Naughty Dog wants to start 2012 with a bang with new multiplayer DLC and an expansion to the Fortune Hunters’ Club.

When the "Fortune Hunter’s Club" was announced last year it wasn’t welcomed with open arms. Up until that point gamers viewed the season pass as cash grab from publishers and developers. Some were less than pleased with what they were paying for with season passes. In the case of Gears of War 3, those who already paid for a season pass sat by and watched as others got some of that DLC content for free. It’s obvious to see why people might be hesitant to shell out extra cash for early access to DLC.

That said, fans of Uncharted 3 shouldn’t worry about losing money because Naughty Dog is continuing their trend of excellence in this latest DLC pack. Today gamers will be able to play on four new maps: Cave, Fort, Lost City and Sanctuary. These maps come with a fresh new coat of lighting and particle effects and new textures.

Those who are members of the Fortune Hunters’ Club – a 24.99 value – will get this map pack for free. Members are also getting another bit of good news. Originally it was announced that by joining the FHC gamers could get a 45% off the seven DLC packs for Uncharted 3. Today it was announced that there will be seven more pieces of DLC added to that list bringing the total to 14.

As a result, FHC members will now be getting a 60% discount on the total of all the upcoming DLC. For players who can’t get enough of the Uncharted 3 multiplayer, this is a pretty sweet deal. There’s no word yet on what will be included in the seven new DLC packs. This info is expected to be revealed later this year.

As stated before, gamers can get this DLC and all future packs for Uncharted 3 by joining the Fortune Hunters’ Club. The rest of us will have to pay 9.99.

-Source: PlayStation Blog

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