'Uncharted 3' Aiming Patch Incoming?

Uncharted 3 Aiming Patch

Just a day after its release, Naughty Dog addressed the problems with aiming in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception by saying that the general mechanics had been changed from Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. The consensus from the gaming community has been that the aiming tweaks work within the context of the game's multiplayer, but present a problem within the game's single player campaign.

Now, about a week since Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception released, comes word that Naughty Dog has been in talks with fans to work out the aiming problems. Not surprisingly, a patch is said to be in the works for single player. In fact, Naughty Dog community manager Arne Meyer invited two fans to the developer's offices last Friday to discuss the problems and also test out a few new builds of the game with improvements made to the aiming controls.

The story features some choice bits of information from a NeoGAF thread user known as "Cartridgeblower." He starts off by saying that Naughty Dog is genuinely interested in getting the game fixed and up to the high standards that its fans expect, before diving into a discussion about some of the fixes.

"I sat down and played with a couple tweaked versions of the new controls, and they were definitely more in line with the MP and UC2. They seem to have fixed much of the dead zone problems, and are adjusting the sensitivity so you can go even higher than what 100 per cent is now."

It's nice to know that the sensitivity and dead zone issues are being addressed. "Cartridgeblower" also discusses the actual process behind how tweaks were implemented during the meeting.

"They were literally making changes ON THE FLY as we played, and asking us what we thought of them. They would tweak things like sticky radius, sensitivity, etc."

Finally, he also mentions the potential for a future patch, and some other fixes that may come bundled within it.

"Also, they mentioned motion blur is definitely getting fixed for SP. Very cool. They mentioned more about a patch coming out very soon, but again, Arne has told me not to give anything more specific away."

So it seems like Naughty Dog has heard and is aware of your complaints, people, and is working on fixing the problems. Let's hope they add back the cheats and weapon unlocks menu for single player while they're at it (I know I can't be the only one that misses that!). While you wait for the patch, why not try to Grab the Ring?

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception is available now for the PS3.


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Source: NeoGAF [via Eurogamer]

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