New Dynamic 'Uncharted 2' DLC Takes Aim at Sidekicks

Uncharted 2 Sidekick Skins DLC

Next week gamers will be able to masquerade as their favorite Uncharted 2: Among Thieves supporting characters when a new "Sidekick Skins" multiplayer pack is released on PSN for $2.99.

That's not all! Fans of the series will also be able to give their XMB a face lift with a new dynamic theme featuring Nathan Drake stomping through a snowy Tibetan mountain side.

On August 17 gamers will have their pick of eight skins based around the supporting cast of Uncharted 2. There will be two versions of Chloe (Heist and Borneo), three of Sully (Borneo, UDF and Winter) - and Elena in her wetsuit (which will certainly make you the envy of everyone on your friends list).

The two remaining skins will be a throwback to Uncharted: Drake's Fortune with villains Dillon and Mac. As a separate download on the same day, PS3 owners will also be able to download a new dynamic theme featuring Drake struggling to make his way across the frozen tundra. I have to be honest, I never cared much for the dynamic themes on PSN, but after looking at the video below, coupled with the $2.99 price, I'm certain I'll be making the jump.

Uncharted didn't need multiplayer; however, the success of Uncharted 2's rock solid online play has spawned several DLC packs - including the popular Siege expansion. Naughty Dog has worked hard to keep the franchise multiplayer alive with this sixth DLC pack. While there are no new maps or game modes announced, any new Uncharted 2 content, even if it's only cosmetic, is a welcome addition.

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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was released back on October 13th, 2009 and, despite some flaws, we declared it one of the best games on the PS3.

Are you looking forward to new DLC for Uncharted 2, or have you had your fill? Will the new dynamic theme entice you to spend your hard earned cash?

Source: PlayStation Blog

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