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According to Siliconera, Sony will be releasing a series of intriguing Uncharted 2 DLC in the upcoming months.

The DLC mentioned will arrive in three installments starting January 28th with an Uncharted 2 demo (the article doesn’t specify any details as to what the demo will cover) as well as free multiplayer skins from Resistance 2, inFamous, and Killzone 2 characters.

Siliconera has posted a set of screens from the game showcasing the new skins.


Here’s the full DLC schedule:

January 28
Demo (free)
Additional content pack 1 (free)

  • Multiplayer Skins from Resistance 2, Infamous, and Killzone 2 characters

February 25
Additional content pack 2 (price TBA)

  • Two Multiplayer maps, one from Uncharted 1’s ruins
  • Multiplayer skins from Uncharted

April 15
Additional content pack 3 (price TBA)

  • Multiplayer cooperative mode
  • Four multiplayer maps
  • Five multiplayer skins

The article also mentions a gold Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune/Uncharted 2: Among Thieves bundle scheduled for a February 18th release in Japan. The addition of this particular news item makes it difficult to tell if the reported DLC is solely attached to the Japanese release or a separate news item altogether.

Ultimately, the article isn’t clear about which regions will receiving the DLC in the mentioned time frame, or when we can expect to see the new maps and skins in other regions.

The schedule does seem realistic for the US – as the dates coincide with a number of competing titles that are either Xbox 360 exclusives (Mass Effect 2) or multi-platform (Alien vs. Predator). Releasing DLC around the same as these hot titles keeps Uncharted 2 a go-to multiplayer experience even amidst the release of new blockbuster games – providing players with skins from some of their favorite PS3 exclusives seems especially tempting.

Also, no price points were announced for the February or April DLC packs – hopefully they don’t stray too far from the January 28th price – free.

We’ll keep you posted when we get an update or hear an official announcement from Sony.

Assuming the DLC makes it to your region, who will you be playing as? What maps are you hoping to see in the DLC?

Source: Siliconera