Capcom releases a trailer for the multiplayer-focused Resident Evil spin-off Umbrella Corps, revealing new maps for the game as well as a single player horde mode.

While fans of Capcom’s Resident Evil franchise wait patiently for news on the rumored Resident Evil 7, Capcom is bringing to the table a multiplayer shooter spin-off known as Umbrella Corps. The latest trailer of the game highlights some of the maps players can expect to battle in and unveils a single player horde mode.

The new trailer for Umbrella Corps begins with players battling in the village from the beginning of Resident Evil 4. It looks exactly as veteran RE players will remember it, albeit with a pretty significant graphical upgrade. In the trailer, players are free to explore anywhere in the village that was accessible to Leon in the core Resident Evil 4 game, and they must also contend with the violent villagers infected with Las Plagas as well.

Following the extensive look at the village, the trailer also details the single player mode that players can expect from Umbrella Corps. Called “The Experiment”, it is being billed as a horde mode with objectives, and will require players to survive by themselves against a variety of enemies from Resident Evil‘s history.

The trailer then ends with a quick tease at another map coming to the game, this time in the form of the opening village area from Resident Evil 5.

With a previous trailer focusing on the Umbrella Corps weapons, it’s nice that this one shows players what they can expect in terms of maps and modes from the final game. And even though many would prefer a more traditional Resident Evil title, Umbrella Corps is boasting quite a bit of content for its budget price.

The game will only cost $30, and players will be treated to a number of maps based on memorable locations from the franchise’s past as well as the single player horde mode. Previously, it seemed as though Umbrella Corps was going to be multiplayer-only, so the announcement of the single player mode may generate more interest in the title.

Umbrella Corps may irk some of the hardcore Resident Evil enthusiasts due to its focus on multiplayer, but it’s not as though Capcom is ignoring its classic survival-horror fans. In fact, the company has remastered the Resident Evil remake and Resident Evil Zero over the past couple of years, and the much-anticipated Resident Evil 2 remake is finally being developed as well. Umbrella Corps is just a quirky diversion that is looking to do something a little different with the Resident Evil universe, and judging by this trailer, it looks like it may end up being a good value for its budget price.

Umbrella Corps is due for release this coming May on PC and PlayStation 4.