Capcom announces the addition of a free DLC map featuring the Spencer Mansion from the first Resident Evil for its multiplayer shooter, Umbrella Corps.

Umbrella Corp has not been well received by the general public. With current Metacritic scores floating in the mid 30’s, it is clear that Capcom’s attempt to have a competitive multiplayer shooter set in the Resident Evil universe is a critical failure.

Despite these fairly negative reviews, Capcom is still trying to win back the goodwill of its fans by announcing a free DLC map for Umbrella Corps that will be set in the mansion where the first Resident Evil takes place. The release of this map may go a long way to attracting fans of the original Resident Evil series, which focuses on horror rather than the fast paced, bullet-spraying gameplay of Umbrella Corps.

Capcom has been having problems keeping fans happy for quite some time now. One example of this problem is some feeling that the game developer and publisher botched the release of the much played Resident Evil 7 demo, by failing to give players an accurate picture of what the final game will eventually look like.


All of this negative press seems to have finally gotten Capcom’s attention, so along with its recent announcement of the free Umbrella Corps map, the publisher also recently stated that the company is paying close attention to player feedback about the Resident Evil 7 demo. The company also released a statement addressing the mysterious mannequin finger that can be found in the Resident Evil 7 demo, but it appears to serve no purpose in the game.

While this news of Capcom’s attempt to improve customer relations is a good sign, it will be interesting to see if it’s enough to keep players happy. Capcom is a company that has had trouble giving fans what they want out of their favorite franchises, and Umbrella Corps is a perfect example of this.

Releasing a run and gun competitive multiplayer game in a franchise that is synonymous with survival horror seems to prove that the Resident Evil name alone isn’t enough to sell copies anymore. If anything, from what’s been announced so far about Resident Evil 7, it appears that it will be very different from the previous games in the franchise. At this point, fans will just have to wait and see if the publisher can restore the Resident Evil franchise to its former glory.

Does Umbrella Corps deserve to be apart of the Resident Evil canon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Umbrella Corps is currently available for PC and PS4.

Source: Capcom (via GameSpot)