In a brand new gameplay trailer for the upcoming Resident Evil spin-off Umbrella Corps, Capcom details a new mode for the game called Multi-Mission Mode.

Ever since its announcement, Resident Evil shooter spin-off Umbrella Corps has been criticized by many that would rather have a more traditional Resident Evil experience. Regardless, Capcom is looking to go all-out with the game, making sure it is as fully-featured as possible come its launch in a couple of months, with the latest game mode added to the suite of options in Umbrella Corps called Multi-Mission Mode.

Multi-Mission Mode consists of five rounds, with a random game type chosen at the beginning of each round. There are eight possible match types in Multi-Mission Mode, which should ensure that players are kept on their toes.

First off, there’s Target Hunter. In Target Hunter, only one player on each team can be killed for points, meaning players have to decide whether they should defend their VIP, or aggressively go after the enemy target. Other unique match types in Multi-Mission Mode include DNA Hunter and SP DNA Hunter, the former of which has players collecting DNA samples from zombies, and the latter has players collecting DNA samples from special monsters.

Besides Target Hunter, DNA Hunter, and SP DNA Hunter, there are more traditional match types at work in Multi-Mission Mode as well. These include Respawn Match (typical round of Team Deathmatch), Domination (secure points in the level longer than enemy players), Collector (find five briefcases before the enemies do), Protector (secure the briefcase longer than the enemies do), and Collar War (collect data collars of downed players, essentially Kill Confirmed).

Overall, it seems like Multi-Mission Mode should prove to be a fun addition to the previously announced Umbrella Corps game modes. It joins the likes of standard modes that we have seen in previous Umbrella Corps gameplay trailers, like Team Deathmatch, as well as the single player horde mode missions that have been announced for the game.

Even though Umbrella Corps is primarily an online multiplayer experience, the aforementioned single player mode, the number of match types, and the budget price make it seem like a potentially good deal. The trick will be for Capcom to nail the gameplay mechanics, and make a compelling argument for why gamers should bother with another Resident Evil multiplayer shooter after the critically panned Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

If Capcom is able to provide compelling gameplay along with this bevy of game modes, and deliver an experience that also plays to the nostalgia of franchise fans by adding classic Resident Evil locations as maps, then Umbrella Corps may turn out to be a surprise sleeper hit when it releases later this year.

Umbrella Corps is due for release in May for PC and PlayStation 4.

Source: VG 24/7