Resident Evil Spinoff Umbrella Corps Debuts New Gameplay Trailer

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Capcom releases an official gameplay video demonstrating Resident Evil spin-off Umbrella Corps, and some of its core mechanics, including the zombie jammer.

Capcom today released a narrated gameplay video demonstrating what gamers can expect from Umbrella Corps. The video shows some specific gameplay mechanics unique to Umbrella Corps and showcases the Alpha and Bravo teams facing off against each other in a zombie-infested area.

The video, seen below, encompasses a three minute time-limit battle called “One Life Match,” meaning that a player only has one life, and once a team is wiped out, the opposing team wins. Both teams are equipped with jammers that prevent most zombies from engaging them during combat, though jammers can be destroyed, making the zombies aggressive to combatants. There was no demonstration provided of whether voice chat will be built-in to the title, but a wide variety of in-game commands to set up a plan with teammates was demonstrated.

The new competitive shooter bears a strong resemblance to other games of the genre, and heavily relies upon using cover to elude enemy fire. Classic FPS sneak melee attacks will also be rewarded with quick kills.

While competitive shooters are massively popular amongst gamers, Umbrella Corps bears little resemblance to the original Resident Evil titles that started it all. Unfortunately for fans of traditional Resident Evil titles, SuperData’s assessment that Resident Evil 7 has a 2015 release date appears to be false. However, there’s still plenty for fans of the series to look forward to that stays closer to the game’s original survival horror roots. Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil 2 will finally be receiving HD remakes in the near future, and Capcom’s producer has insinuated that Resident Evil 7 is on the horizon.

Capcom’s last attempt to put gamers in the seat of an Umbrella firing squad didn’t do so well, with Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City receiving poor reviews. It’s hard to say whether this title will fare any better, though this game will probably have little pull with long-time Resident Evil fans, and may appeal to the FPS crowd instead. Umbrella Corps’ fast-paced, horror-free shooting action makes Resident Evil 5 and 6 (which have been ridiculed regularly for their departure from the survival horror genre) look downright spooky by comparison.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with Capcom departing from Resident Evil‘s formula for a spin-off game – providing they can actually recapture the creepiness that made the main series great for Resident Evil 7.

Umbrella Corps is slated for release in early 2016 for PC and PS4.

Source: YouTube