'Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3' Heroes & Heralds Mode Now Available

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Heroes & Heralds Mode, the newest DLC for Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, just became available today. Online or off, choose to defend the Earth or join forces with Galactus as a herald to destroy it. All new features and abilities have been developed to bring the Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 experience to a whole new level.

Other than the twelve new characters added to Ultimate MVC3, the game felt fairly similar to its predecessor (check out our review of Ultimate MVC), prompting some players to wonder what Capcom could do to keep the franchise from becoming stale. Heroes & Heralds Mode is Capcom's solution — and did we mention that it is completely free?!

trailer announcing Heroes & Heralds debuted earlier in the Fall, and it detailed options that have never been seen before in the MVC universe. The online campaign for Heroes & Heralds Mode is the main feature that will excite players who want to dish out interesting new tactics and abilities on unsuspecting fighters. This campaign tallies the victories throughout a week long struggle to determine which faction has won in the end. What's the catch? The victors of that week will earn better ability cards than their loser counterparts. Rest assured that players who only have time in the week to play a few matches will still be able to unlock new content.

Offline mode is quite different from online, as players must choose a faction and conquer specific regions on a map, much like Star Wars Battlefront. When 100% of an area is claimed, the heroes or heralds will be rewarded with a very high-end ability card. Don't expect an easy win to gain the last 10%, as the final battles will host AI with extraordinary ability cards. There is also a special hit-list in offline mode that will generate more opportunities to gain new abilities. Take out enough characters on the hit-list in a specific region and a new background appears granting players a new way to gain ability cards.

Invisibility, regenerating hyper meters, super armor, unlimited X-factor, air-dashing, and a heck of a lot more have been added to UMVC3 with 104 ability cards (check out all 104 at Capcom), featuring iconic characters from both Marvel and Capcom. The character customization is quite the interesting feature that takes UMVC3 outside the realm of the standard fighting game. Unfortunately you cannot take these abilities to other areas of online play, but fortunately for those concerned about online ranked matching, this mode does not affect it at all.

These ability cards are the life-blood of this new standalone mode, and they must be acquired before players can use them. Each fight, players have the option to choose three ability cards. These abilities range from basic enhancers to powerful game-changing strength, and are ranked A-B-C -- A being the least common (there are also special rare S-Rank cards). Each card comes with a primary and secondary effect that will change bonuses accordingly, dependent upon which setting players choose.

Check out the gallery to catch a glimpse of some of the new features Heroes & Heralds Mode has to offer:

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There is so much that can be explored and unlocked in Heroes & Heralds Mode, how could one say no? While user comments on the Capcom website lament the fact that players can't square off against friends (a justifiable concern), it's tough to complain too much considering the price.

Ranters, will you be grabbing this special DLC? What features capture your interest the most?

Heroes & Heralds Mode for Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 is available now for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Did we mention that it's FREE?!


Source: Capcom Unity

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