'UFC Undisputed 3' Boasts a Hard-Hitting Play-By-Play Experience

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One of the most overlooked areas in gaming is audio. Gamers don't usually purchase $60 titles for their soundtracks, but their implementation is almost always appreciated when everything is said and done. The thing about a game like UFC Undisputed 3, however, is that audio — more specifically, narration for in-game fights — is absolutely crucial for an authentic UFC experience.

Since this is the third time THQ has been behind the wheel of the UFC franchise, they are well aware of just how reliant the quality of the final package is on hearing Joe Rogan's voice. Obviously there's a lot more to recreating a legitimate mixed martial arts video game than one announcer though, and the latest trailer for UFC Undisputed 3 takes gamers behind the scenes of the painstaking processes that went into creating a nearly flawless play-by-play system.

The man guiding potential consumers throughout the latest trailer is none other than UFC Undisputed 3's Audio Director, Antoine Peltier. So without any further ado, it's time!... to watch the trailer.


Every sports game relies heavily on play-by-play to complete the experience (especially in the new and improved career mode) and after watching that trailer it's safe to say that anxious fans can expect a solid experience from Undisputed 3 when it releases next month. The extra effort put into making the commentary in PRIDE different from that of the UFC is notable, and should make the final product feel well worth the $60 price tag. THQ is certainly taking pride in PRIDE (pun intended).

Those who plan on picking up UFC Undisputed 3 may also want to head over to the title's official Facebook page and 'like' the game. Doing so will net gamers an exclusive DLC code for the current #1 for the UFC World Heavyweight Championship, Alistair Overeem. This promotion has been extended until February 14th, or until they run out of codes, so fans should act quickly.

UFC Undisputed 3 releases on Xbox 360 and PS3 on February 14th.

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