According to new data released by Ubisoft, the studio sees a noticeably higher amount of revenue coming from Xbox One players than their PlayStation 4 counterparts.

A financial report released by Ubisoft this week looks set to further exacerbate the console wars between owners of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. According to the studio, there’s more value to a player who’s playing on one of Microsoft’s consoles than those gaming on Sony’s platform.

To be clear, that metric of ‘value’ explicitly refers to the average revenue per player collected by Ubisoft on each system — for every $1 a PlayStation player will spend on the studio’s wares, an Xbox user will spend $1.25, according to a report from Venture Beat. For obvious reasons, that makes the Xbox audience very attractive to a publisher.

It’s no secret that the PlayStation 4 is soundly beating the Xbox One in terms of worldwide sales figures. However, it’s certainly beneficial for Microsoft to be able to offer up a field of consumers who might spend more on software individually, even though their overall population is smaller.

This is the marketing concept of an attach rate, the ratio of supplementary content sold as a consequence of the primary product. It’s an important piece of information that’s long been used by development studios to inform their relationships with console manufacturers.

While some elements of the video game industry stay the same, others are changing. In the same financial report, we see Ubisoft transitioning towards announcing player engagement metrics rather than conventional sales figures, reflecting the way that video game content is bought and sold as of 2016.

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The initial purchase of a $60 game is no longer the one deciding factor of its success or failure. Games are expected to continue providing revenue, whether it’s via traditional DLC releases, ongoing profits via microtransactions and consumables, or other merchandising opportunities.

Even though Xbox players seem more comfortable parting with their hard-earned case, it’s likely that both platforms are equal in Ubisoft’s estimations, given that the PlayStation 4 has a healthier install base. Don’t expect to see the next Assassin’s Creed game go console-exclusive just yet.

However, it we might see Ubisoft favour the platform in other ways, like console-specific beta access or timed exclusivity for particular pieces of content. The Xbox One might be lagging behind the PlayStation 4 in terms of straight sales figures, but it’s clear that this generation of the console wars is still far from being over.

Source: Venture Beat

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