Ubisoft Will Pay You for Your Video Game Feedback

Ubisoft pay gamers for game feedback

Ubisoft puts many resources into promoting its games (such as major E3 press conferences featuring Ubisoft games) and so to make sure that it is doing its job right, the publisher is offering to pay players for their thoughts. The company has now sent out invites to a survey and those chosen could be given a chance to earn some cash.

Today, Ubisoft has been sending out an email with the subject line, "Want to tell us your story & get paid?" The email explains that the company "loves" to hear how fans and players learn about its games, and so it has put together a quick feedback survey. According to Ubisoft, once the survey has been submitted, participants will have the chance to be chosen for "an exciting research study" which will pay them for their time.

The survey asks questions such as how often people play, which social media sites they use, and which games franchises they are interested in. It also asks how players spend their free time (when they aren't playing games), such as how often they watch movies and listen to music, and how they prefer to learn about games (like reading sites such as Game Rant). Ubisoft, which is working with creative management consultancy B+A on the survey, will likely use the data to fine tune its game marketing.

At the end of the survey, users do have the option of inputting their contact information such as their email, phone number, and social media handle (the social media handle is required). This will allow survey takers to go into the draw to be part of the research study. Ubisoft and B+A don't provide any other details about the research study, only that there will be some form of compensation for those who are accepted and take part in it.

Ubisoft video game marketing survey screenshot

Ubisoft's survey comes as many other gaming companies are looking at new ways to market its games. Sony is skipping E3 this year, and EA has confirmed it won't be hosting an E3 press conference either. Microsoft has also begun to host Inside Xbox livestreams, and Nintendo does its Nintendo Direct events at E3 and during the year.

Ubisoft is attending E3 2019, but the results of this survey and the study could potentially cause its future E3 plans to shift. If Ubisoft fans prefer to hear about game announcements on Twitter or from YouTube ads, the company will likely change its marketing to spend more effectively.

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