Ubisoft Talks Splinter Cell's Return


Several weeks ago, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot commented on the potential return of Sam Fisher and the Splinter Cell franchise, giving fans hope that they would see a new entry in the series at some point in the near future. Now, the publisher and developer's Chief Creative Officer Serge Hascoet has made mention of the stealth-action brand, echoing the sentiments expressed by Guillemot.

As explained by Hascoet, the Ubisoft CCO is a huge fan of Splinter Cell and "loves" the franchise, but it's too early to officially proclaim that a fresh installment is close to being publicly announced just yet. When asked about giving fans a general road map for the publisher and developer's dormant IPs, the Ubisoft CCO said, "I can't disclose any information at this time, but I can say we are fighting for resources. It's not a question of will, it's a question of means."


While it's good to know that Ubisoft still has its eye on continuing to develop the Splinter Cell series, it's important to note that Hascoet's statements haven't actually confirmed outright that the company will be revealing another game for the franchise just yet. As it so happens, many expected to see something related to the property announced at E3 2018 after an online listing from Walmart Canada stated a new game was in the works. However, fans came up empty handed on that front, despite the leak's correct prediction of Bethesda's RAGE 2.

All things considered, we will simply have to wait and see when and if Ubisoft will be prepared to officially announce a new Splinter Cell at some point down the line. Until then, though, at least fans can enjoy a couple of the franchise's titles in the current generation, with both Conviction and Double Agent being backward compatible on Xbox One.

A new Splinter Cell has yet to be officially announced.

Source: Game Informer

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