Ubisoft Reveals 'Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory' 3DS Screenshots

Splinter Cell 3DS

Hot on the heels of Solid Snake and his 3DS debut, Splinter Cell star Sam Fisher is also sneaking onto Nintendo's new handheld console with a remake of one of the most popular titles in the franchise, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. Just like the version of MGS: Snake Eater that's coming to the 3DS, Ubisoft's 3DS version of Chose Theory seems to be an amalgam of past and present Splinter Cell games.

Judging by the newly released Chaos Theory screenshots, it seems that Sam still does what he does best: Sneaking, rappelling and choking people out, all while donning his trademark triple-lens night-vision goggles. While the look of the game is primarily from Chaos Theory, Ubisoft also added some visual elements from Splinter Cell: Conviction, most notably the floating text that gives the player a visual clue as to where they should be headed next.

See for yourself:

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The screens also illustrate the fact there will be some rendered cut-scenes and what looks to be the ability to swap out weapons and gadgets via the touch screen. One thing that stands out for me from these images is the jaggedness of the graphics, especially the floating text I mentioned earlier. Compared to other games I've seen for the 3DS, this one isn't looking so hot from these images. I'm going to go ahead and blame this on being an early build of the game. We still have until Spring of next year to see a final product, and passing judgment on early screens will be a bit hasty.

One of the main selling points of the original Chaos Theory was the multiplayer functionality. A co-op story mode featuring two unnamed agents and a competitive versus mode that promoted teamwork by allowing gamers to give assists to their teammate to get to hard to reach areas. I can see this being a major selling point for the 3DS version, especially if we're able to play it across the internet. The Tag Mode of the Nintendo 3DS could also be put to good use.

Will you guys be interested in exchanging intel with fellow Ranter Agents as they pass on the street?

There are many features Ubisoft could add to this remake of Chaos Theory, but at this time we know very little. Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory 3DS is due out on the 3DS in the Spring.

Source: Destructoid

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