Ubisoft may have announced Starlink: Battle for Atlas and the highly anticipated sequel Beyond Good & Evil 2, both of which are space related, but there was another space game seemingly missing. An easter egg in Watch Dogs 2 showed what appeared to be a possible new Ubisoft game, but in Ubisoft’s E3 conference, the game and footage were nowhere to be seen.

The game trailer is part of a mission in Watch Dogs 2 that has players infiltrating a mock Ubisoft development studio and leaking the footage. The trailer shows a variety of colorful space scenes and looks particularly polished, which makes it seem less likely to have been something Ubisoft threw together just to be part of a single, minor Watch Dogs 2 mission. Its absence at E3 is even more surprising since the trailer is even titled “E3_Conf_Video_v03” in the game.

In some ways, the footage does have a resemblance to what’s been shown so far of Starlink: Battle for AtlasBoth are highly colorful, but the design seen in each looks different, as does the tone. The footage seems to present more of a space exploration game, whereas Starlink looks fully focused on explosive spaceship battles. From what has been said about Beyond Good & Evil 2, the game will probably focus a good deal on exploring space, and that’s another colorful game, but from the little bit of gameplay footage shown so far, it also doesn’t look like a match.

So, where is Ubisoft’s space game? If the game is, in fact, a new IP for Ubisoft, it’s likely that the company won’t be making any major presentations such as those it did at E3 until the game until the game is polished enough to show it off in a way that really makes a splash. Until then, it could be in the same place as the next Splinter Cell game.

Of course, nothing is certain about the space game. It could just as easily be a new IP from Ubisoft as it could be early test footage of a game that went in a very different direction. If Gamescom 2017 and E3 2018 roll around and nothing more has been seen of this game, it may have to be simply accepted for what it was: a fake trailer from a fake Ubisoft in Watch Dogs 2.