Amidst controversy, Ubisoft Massive informs gamers that its highly successful game, The Division, will be seeing some changes to reinvigorate the title’s open world.

As of late, Tom Clancy’s The Division has been somewhat of a polarizing title within the industry. There’s no question that the game has been a runaway success for Ubisoft, smashing sales records in the process, but the community surrounding the game has been impacted by a medley of glitches. While players are still debating whether or not those taking advantage of the glitches in The Division should be punished, Ubisoft Massive has confirmed that it will be addressing another issue outside of the Dark Zone. Namely, the open-world PvE portion of it.

During a recent Twitch stream, Community Developer Hamish Bode was asked whether or not there were plans “to reinvigorate the PvE area” of the game. Surprisingly, the employee confirmed that there are currently ploys to breath new life into the story-centric world of The Division. Despite not going into detail on just what form this attempt to rejuvenate the virus-ridden New York City would take, there’s little doubt that the end result of these additions will be much appreciated amongst members of the community.

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The reality as it stands is that there isn’t as much to do once the narrative has been wrapped up within the latest Tom Clancy title, which means that players instead venture into the Dark Zone to generate a sense of enjoyment. However, this is where the bulk of the ongoing glitch-related issues are, which means that some fans may not see much incentive to keep playing when the PvP elements are causing an unbalanced environment. Perhaps this is why Ubisoft is instead turning to fleshing out its larger, open world PvE aspect.

It could still be some time before players are taking on new computer-controlled baddies though, but many are speculating that major changes may be afoot with the next batch of downloadable content. Set to arrive in June, there are still ample questions surrounding the DLC – although gamers know that it will take them through the winding underground layout of Manhattan. Taking that into consideration, it sounds like it could greatly increase the actual size of the in-game map, and there’s no doubt that having more things to do is an awesome reason for fans to stick around.

What would you like to see added to The Division‘s open world environment? Do you think Ubisoft should be addressing issues within the Dark Zone before reinvigorating its PvE area? Get at us in the comments below.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Twitch