This February, Ubisoft officially broke the news that a run of 5 different Rainbow Six Siege chibi figurines would be releasing in the summer of 2017. Fan reception to these collectible figurines must have been positive, as Ubisoft is now ramping itself up for another production run – but this time, the studio is polling fans about what Rainbow Six Siege operators they would like to see released as collectible figurines. The direct-to-consumer approach for this poll makes sense, as Ubisoft is likely to hear back from the more hardcore fans who’d be doing the presumed bulk of such purchases.

Interested gamers can take a look at the official Ubisoft poll here, where at the time of writing Valkyrie is currently the top choice for consumers. During the Rainbow Six Invitational, the camera-chucking operator was the most-picked DLC defender, being included in squads a staggering 68% of the time. With stats like those, it’s little surprise to see that many fans would be interested in stocking their shelves with a chibi figurine of her.

Rainbow Six Siege Chibi Charms

Currently, gamers can pre-order figurines of Smoke, Montagne, Ash, IQ, and Tachanka (sorry, he’s not shirtless). With Ubisoft Montreal’s own Alexandre Remy stating that the company is aiming to eventually include 50-100 operators in the game, there just may be a bright future in collecting these figurines, though consumers shouldn’t expect anything like the wave of madness which Nintendo’s Amiibo brought to the world.

Of course, those who don’t want to purchase a chibi figurine in real life can always do so digitally, as Ubisoft has included all of the operators in chibi form as in-game weapon charms that can be purchased both with Rainbow 6 Credits or Renown, the latter being a currency players don’t have to pay for. Once the new loot pack system deploys later on this year it may be possible to win these digital chibis by chance as well, although what kind of items will drop from these Alpha Packs has yet to be determined.

The poll, which is being run by Ubisoft Community Manager Craig Robinson, has so far collected a couple thousand votes in its first few hours of being made public. It’ll be interesting to see which operators rise to the top of the poll, and if this data will truly impact Ubisoft’s production plans. Just to be safe, Robinson posted that the winning figurines still aren’t guaranteed for production – but if Rainbow Six Siege gets a second year of content, why can’t figurines?

Once again, gamers can vote on the poll here.

What Rainbow Six Siege operators would you like to see Ubisoft develop figurines for, Ranters?

Rainbow Six Siege is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.