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If the constant stream of leaks and rumors are any indication, then E3 season is upon us once again. Every publisher and developer is currently preparing their big reveals for the upcoming industry event (even the ones who aren't attending E3) and for the past few years it's been increasingly difficult to keep things secret until showtime. A new item placed on the Ubisoft store seems to out one of that company's big incoming announcements: Ubisoft Pass.

Currently, Ubisoft doesn't offer any type of subscription service or pass, premium or otherwise, but it sounds like that may be about to change. Some keen-eyed fans noticed that a new placeholder listing appeared on the Ubisoft Store over the weekend for an item called Ubisoft Pass. The image didn't have any details listing along with it, but it doesn't take too much imagination to imagine what the company has planned.

Ubisoft certainly has a very strong stable of games (including The Division 2) to support some kind of subscription model that may offer certain titles for free, on deep discount, or access to other special benefits. Most gamers only have room in the budget for a select number of monthly subscriptions, so it will be very interest to see what Ubisoft brings to the table to help motivate consumers to give Ubisoft Pass a try.


There aren't a lot of details to work with at this point, but some fans are already speculating that the use of "Premium" indicated there will be multiple tiers to the new subscription model, offering different benefits. That seems like a reasonable assumption, but there were no other versions of the Ubisoft Pass listed in the store alongside this one. For now, gamers may have to wait a few weeks until Ubisoft makes the news official to find out exactly what kind of benefits or tiers are going to be available. Just like they have to wait to find out if that Roller Champions leak is true...

Be sure to check back as E3 draws closer to find out more details and updates.

Ubisoft Pass has not been officially announced yet and does not have a price or release date.

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