Ubisoft Opens Two New Studios to Increase Triple-A Development

ubisoft two new studios triple-a development

Ubisoft is opening two new studios to increase the company's ability to develop triple-A titles for multiple platforms, the publisher announced earlier today. The creator of Assassin's Creed and Ghost Recon stated that it would be creating two new European locations, one in France and one in Germany, with an intent to focus on triple-A "multiplatform development". The locations of the new studios will be in Bordeaux, France and Berlin, Germany, and both companies will be hiring staff and opening within the coming months.

The move makes sense on a number of levels for Ubisoft, as the company already owns four studios in France and was founded there, while Ubisoft's Blue Byte development studio in Germany has been an established presence in that country for over a decade. The announcement was made on the official Ubisoft blog, and while the Bordeaux studio seems to be focused on helping existing franchises like Ghost Recon and Just Dance, the Berlin group will be working closely with Blue Byte on "an unannounced AAA project" according to the official release.

Just what that new project could be will be the focus of a lot of speculation in the coming months, but given Ubisoft's sudden interest in its presence on the Switch, it isn't a stretch to believe that the publisher has begun putting plans in motion for a new title that will appeal to gamers on Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft consoles. Developing new IPs for all current consoles would certainly be in line with the "multiplatform development" initiative that these new studios are supposed to be a part of.

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That being said, however, there's also a chance that Ubisoft simply feels the publisher needs a few more studios to ensure that the quality of its triple-A releases doesn't suffer during particularly busy periods of development. Ubisoft recently had to deal with a For Honor boycott over microtransactions within the game, and having more studios and thus more input on the impact of these financial decisions in the context of any given game is valuable in its own right.

Regardless of the exact reasoning - and that will likely become very clear in the near future as these studios begin to have their names attached to upcoming projects - the opening of two new studios is a huge show of strength from Ubisoft. The publisher is obviously gearing up to increase its production, and gamers should remain optimistic about what that means for new triple-A releases from Ubisoft in the coming years.

Source: Ubisoft

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