Ubisoft Surveying Gamers About Its Nintendo Switch Games


With the Nintendo Switch now out in the wild, game developers are anxiously gathering information about the new console and its player base. Ubisoft, one of the most recognized names in gaming, is one of the developers taking an active role in surveying Nintendo Switch owners to better understand what they want from both the console and games.

Ubisoft has begun contacting Uplay subscribers about a couple upcoming survey events the developer and publisher plans to host concerning the Nintendo Switch. These events, which will take place in April and June, will task gamers with sharing feedback about the console with Ubisoft, as well as their desires for games on the system. In the message going out to Uplay subscribers, Ubisoft said:

“Nintendo Switch users across the world will be gathering online to share their thoughts and experiences using their webcam or their keyboard. Participation will involve about an hour of your time each day during each period, at whatever time works for you.”


The events will take place from April 5th to April 9th, then again from June 21st to June 25th. As the message states, gamers will be expected to spend an hour at a time each day to provide feedback and information to Ubisoft. Those who participate will receive up to $50 USD in credits, presumably for either Uplay or Nintendo Switch.

Those gamers interested in participating in the events can visit the survey page and answer a few questions. Gamers will need to own a Nintendo Switch in order to participate, since the focus will be on the new Nintendo console and potential games for it.

Steep Beta Date

Ubisoft is already planning to build out titles for the Nintendo Switch, including a "surprise" game for fans and possibly a Mario/Rabbids crossover. There’s no word yet on what the surprise game could be, but there are many who have speculated that it could be a past Assassin’s Creed title, or even the developer’s latest extreme sports game, Steep.

It will be interesting to see what kind of information Ubisoft seeks about the Nintendo Switch. It’s already been established that many current-gen titles won’t be coming to the console due to its technical limitations. However, the unique nature of the console does make it an attractive unit for developers, even if it can’t handle some of the biggest titles releasing this year.

The Nintendo Switch is currently available, though stock is limited at most retailers.

Source: Ubisoft

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