Ubisoft Plans 'Wide Variety' of Nintendo Switch Support

Ubisoft Executive Alain Corre is saying that the publisher is already planning a 'wide variety' of software to release for the Nintendo Switch in 2017.

Over 50 publishers and developers have publicly declared their future support of the Nintendo Switch, but none have been as open about their enthusiasm as Ubisoft. On multiple occasions, Ubisoft has said that it's planning and evaluating the extent of support for Nintendo's upcoming console. For now Nintendo's holding back on further details until 2017, meaning that Ubisoft can't officially announce the scope of its support, but until then it will keep talking.

Ubisoft has made one announcement for the Nintendo Switch, already revealing that Just Dance 2017 will be coming to the platform. This coincides with Ubisoft's traditional support of Nintendo platforms, which going back to the Nintendo Wii have been very profitable for the publisher. The Wii era gave rise to Ubisoft franchises including the Rabbids, Petz, Just Dance and a wide variety licensed properties. If the Nintendo Switch is as remotely successful as the Wii, then Ubisoft will be that much more successful as well.

Therein lies the question: will Ubisoft's support extend to their major multi-platform releases as well? Assassin's Creed never came to the Wii, after all. The Wii U ultimately had Ubisoft cut its support. And with the Nintendo Switch being a step back in hardware compared to other platforms, Switch ports won't necessarily be automatic. Yet hope remains, because Ubisoft is intentionally keeping the window open.

Ubisoft Supports Nintendo Switch - Just Dance 2017

In an interview with Famitsu, Ubisoft's Executive Director of EMEA, Alain Corre, made clear that the publisher was ready to go all in on the Nintendo Switch. Punctuating that by saying:

"The [Nintendo Switch] really helps expand the possibilities of fun, people of all ages will be able to play games anywhere. We hope to have a wide variety of software available, but we’re unable to go into details just yet."

For a professional who clearly chooses his words carefully, Corre using the language "wide variety" is key. He's pitching Just Dance 2017 heavily without doubt, but he wants those listening to know that Ubisoft has other plans for the Nintendo Switch as well.

Ubisoft will have the chance to prove that in 2017 extremely quickly. The Nintendo Switch's release date is still unannounced, with March being the planned launch window. Three major titles are already announced for 2017 from Ubisoft: For Honor, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands. Keep in mind that it's been said that it's easy, or at least within reason, to port games from PC to the Nintendo Switch due to similar hardware -- the Nintendo Switch runs on Nvidia hardware.

For Honor will be launching in February on other platforms, which means that it could potentially be a Nintendo Switch launch title. And if it isn't, that has implications regarding both the ease with which publishers can scale games to the Nintendo Switch's hardware and/or the console's multiplayer capabilities. If For Honor, alternatively, is a launch title then it immediately gives the Nintendo Switch massive credibility as a serious platform. If Ubisoft isn't supporting the Switch, then who is to say the others will?

The Nintendo Switch will launch in March 2017. Ubisoft will almost certainly have Just Dance 2017 available on Switch for launch. Will Ubisoft have other titles available at launch, too? Time will tell.

Source: The Wolf Hall

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