Ubisoft Wants to Be the 'Leading' Nintendo Switch Publisher

Ubisoft leading Nintendo Switch publisher

Ubisoft is hoping to be the "leading" third-party publisher on the Nintendo Switch for years to come. The company has already supported the new Nintendo console in a big way, as its dancing party game Just Dance 2017 was a Switch launch title.

Speaking during its recent financial briefing, Ubisoft reiterated that it plans to release "some great games" for the Nintendo Switch. Noting that the "platform's launch has gone incredible well" and that it believes that the Nintendo Switch "has the potential to reach a wide audience," the company also reaffirmed its intentions be a leading force with the console. "As you know, Ubisoft has been the leading third-party publisher on Nintendo’s console over the past 10 years," it said, adding that "we intend to maintain that position.”


The fact that Ubisoft has big Nintendo Switch ambitions comes as little surprise. While the fact that the Switch keeps selling out would be reason enough to shout its praises, Ubisoft established itself as a vocal supporter prior to the console's release as well. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot suggested that the Nintendo Switch could "redefine" the way that people play games, also calling the console "accessible" and that it will give people "freedom" to play anywhere anytime.

The company has also been teasing its Nintendo Switch games for quite a while as well. In addition to calling its Switch games 'great' in this new statement, Ubisoft also said that fans should expect a 'wide variety' of Nintendo Switch titles to be released by the publisher. While it has unveiled some of these games already, including Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition which is set to launch sometime this year, it still has plenty up its sleeves.

One of these secret, yet to be announced titles could be the heavily rumored Mario and Raving Rabbids crossover RPG that has been whispered and teased by Ubisoft itself for several months. Such a game would definitely help to establish the publisher as a 'leading' Nintendo Switch supporter, especially as fans love any excuse to play as and spend more time with Mario and his friends. An announcement could come during E3 2017 next month so fans should watch for the Ubisoft press conference for more on how the company will establish itself as the top dog.

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