After claiming she has girl-wood for games, Ubisoft’s E3 2012 press conference host Aisha Tyler appears to have the balls to match. Responding to allegations that she was not a “true gamer” and had no place hosting this year’s E3 Ubisoft Press Conference, Aisha threw down, calling out her critics in a post on Facebook.

Ubisoft has been known for its surprise guest hosts, including Joel McHale, the overzealous Mr. Caffeine (from E3 2011) and this year’s Aisha Tyler. Starting as a stand-up comedian, Aisha has been in everything from a recurring role on Friends to host of Talk Soup (which, coincidentally, Joel McHale now hosts). Always known for being spunky and talented, this funny lady revealed her nerdy love of gaming back when she began work as a voice actor for Halo: Reach. Since then she’s been quite vocal about her love of games and most particularly her love of Gears of War.

Ms. Tyler seemed like a perfect candidate for the job. While not the same can be said for her awkward co-host, Ms. Tyler did well with what was given to her and, while jokes weren’t always hitting their mark, it was apparent she was having a great time. After some backlash from particularly vicious commenters on YouTube, message boards, and the like, claiming she wasn’t a real gamer, Aisha laid it all out for non-believers in a Facebook post stating:

I’ve been a gamer since before you could read. Since I aced midterms after staying up all night playing Evil Tetris. Since I became dorm champ at Leisure Suit Larry. I was a voice in not one, but two major video game titles. I hosted the Reach Beta tutorial. I was a Gears of War superfan panelist at ComicCon. I hosted the Ubisoft presser at E3 2012. I didn’t do any of it for the money. For most I got paid next to nothing, and for some, less than that.

The girl’s got street cred to be sure. Who else but a real gamer could claim to “double-wielded on Time Crisis 3 at Fuddrucker’s.” The post goes on to talk more about her her passion for gaming and to tell haters, trolls and racists to “GFYS.” Good for her for busting some troll chops. We’re in your corner Aisha and anyone who has done a smidgen of research would know that she loves gaming. She claims she once used someone in 5th grade to get to their Atari. She was rocking Galaga before many of these commenters were even born. If those aren’t the marks of a true gamer, we don’t know what is.

Read her full post here.

Source: Aisha Tyler’s Facebook

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