Ubisoft Hiring 'Assassin's Creed' Fans to Create Encyclopedia

Ubisoft Hiring for Assassin's Creed Encyclopedia

With the main Assassin’s Creed storyline now three entries deep, Ubisoft has begun putting together an encyclopedia of all things Assassin’s Creed. What is more interesting is that they are looking to the game’s fans for contributors.

Of course, Ubisoft isn’t going to make this a walk in the park, especially considering this will be a paying gig, so they want the candidates to first prove themselves.

In order to prove they are avid followers of the Assassin’s Creed universe, from Altair’s tale to the most recent Brotherhood, fans are being asked to write two faux entries as if they were contributing to the finished encyclopedia. This is Ubisoft’s chance to get a look at how entrants will approach the larger task at hand. Ubisoft also adds that they are focused on finding entrants who live in Montreal as that is where the studio working on the book is based, but don't be discouraged because they are open to long-distance contributors.

As this is a job offer, and not a chance to have your hobby published, Ubisoft is being fairly strict with how they want the submissions to look. For formatting and the entry examples to choose from see below:

Document formatting: Times New Roman, size: 10, single-spaced. These are encyclopedia entries and there must be an objective style to the writing. Structure your information appropriately. (No purple prose.)

Choose 2 of the below examples as your writing test.

1 entry: Main character of your choice, across all media (games, books, etc).

Ex: Desmond, Ezio, Daniel Cross, etc.

1 entry: Major secondary character of your choice.

Ex: Lucy, Malik, Robert de Sable, Maria Thorpe, etc.

1 entry: The Animus, technical details and information, bleed effect, etc.

Ex: The Abstergo machine, the Assassins' machine, etc.

1 entry: An overview major historical event (can be selected from the entire timeline of the IP, across all media).

Note: You could also do a comparison of the "real" historical event versus the "game version" of the historical event for bonus points.

Any submissions should be sent to

Certainly a great chance for any fan of Assassin’s Creed, most importantly its very complex universe of alternate reality titles and blockbuster releases, to be paid doing something they love, this encyclopedia is a rare opportunity. Of course casual fans of the series will also have something to look forward to, as it has become somewhat difficult to juggle the storylines in the Assassin's Creed universe.

There is no planned release date for the encyclopedia, but we imagine Ubisoft is going to make their job offers based on the most dedicated of fan entries, so give it your all. Gamers who might not be interested in contributing, but are intrigued by a video game that is so dense it requires an encyclopedia, can look to one of the already released or forthcoming Assassin's Creed titles.

Would you be interested in contributing to the Assassin’s Creed encyclopedia? Are there other video game franchises that you think need an encyclopedia?

Source: Ubiworkshop

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