Storyboard Trailers Leak For Ubisoft’s ‘Hero’

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While hands-on time with the games that will be populating the coming year is a large part of Los Angeles’ upcoming E3 gaming trade show, surprise announcements regularly steal the limelight. This year it seems as though significant announcements are coming earlier and earlier with leaks appearing just as frequently. The newest addition to the list of possible E3 showcases is an upcoming Ubisoft project entitled Hero.

Having recently released next-gen poster-child Watch Dogs and officially announced the next iteration in the Far Cry series, it’s no secret that Ubisoft is one of the strongest gaming contenders out there. With E3 looming close though, it looks like another Ubisoft-based reveal could be coming in the form of the mysterious game, now that it has received its first batch of leaked media.

Posted to Twitter by online sleuth Superannuation was a link to two now-removed storyboard trailers for the unannounced project, followed soon after by a claim that Ubisoft promptly having the videos taken down. While there is no mention of the development and publishing company in the videos, their quick action against the leaked content could be seen as a connection to the material.

Putting aside speculation regarding the developer, the trailers themselves are almost as vague and mysterious as the unannounced project. Re-uploaded by All Games Beta, the trailers can be found below with the first providing a broad Spider-Man-like “with great power comes great responsibility” sense and the second seemingly focusing in on individual people or characters and their relations to power.

With the information presented by these trailers, it’s anyone’s guess what Hero might entail. The focus on the use and misuse of power could lend itself to a superhero game akin to the inFAMOUS series, but the medieval weaponry diverges from that notion. In this way, it could present a series of normal people who find themselves pulled away from the “real world” and dropped into a fantasy world with what looks like Nordic armor and weaponry.

Outside of the trailers themselves, the game remains shrouded in mystery. It doesn’t seem as though the title is an extension of an existing Ubisoft property, so that leaves a good chance that it is intended to be a new IP. Considering Ubisoft’s history of building strong franchises, expanding into a new one wouldn’t be uncharacteristic of them.

Speculation aside, it wouldn’t be at all surprising to see this game announced at E3 in just over a week. With The Division and Far Cry 4 expected to lead Ubisoft’s charge at the annual event, Hero could very well end up being one of the company’s biggest surprises.

Do you think Hero will make its debut at E3? What do you think the game will involve?


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